December 18, 2017

Fifth calendar survey introduces revised draft of 2018-19 calendar

First off, thank you for your participation in the Hamilton Community Schools Calendar Surveys. During the community-wide process that spanned more than two months, we received 3,380 responses between the four surveys. That’s impressive. And the feedback we received was genuine and insightful and helpful and, most of all, honest.

With that said, we are seeking your help once again. In the last survey, we asked if you supported the draft calendar we had crafted. Then we asked you to explain why or why not. While a majority of you supported the calendar, after analyzing the concerns of everyone, even those who expressed support for the calendar, we still feel we don’t have a true consensus.

Last week we reviewed every single comment - 477 comments to be exact - and identified a few key concerns: the suggested one-week break in February/school ending in mid-June, early-release Fridays daycare, and high temperatures in schools.

This second draft calendar, which our fifth calendar survey will ask you about, addresses the first concern, shrinking the break in February and shifting the end of school to early June. We understand the concern about early releases and a child-care solution will be offered, similar to this year’s scheduled two-hour delays. Finally, as far as air conditioning, if we start earlier in August, the district understands the risk of high heat. We will continue to explore expanding air conditioning and a high heat policy, similar to our winter weather policy.

Once again thank you for your patience and participation. We heard your concerns. Then we worked hard to address them. Please take the fifth calendar survey here.