May 10, 2018

Each Will Thrive: Our new instructional model

In response to the Board of Education’s new Strategic Vision, which we encourage you to review, our district has begun to develop a plan to execute the vision. Our first step is introducing our new instructional model: Each Will Thrive.

What is an instructional model? Our blueprint for creating a modern learning environment within Hamilton Community Schools. Teachers were introduced to this concept yesterday. So please understand this is new for them as well. We know the process won’t happen overnight, but will require multiple years of learning about the components to implement successfully.

The Each Will Thrive graphic, which you will start to see everywhere, has four major building blocks: a safe educational environment, rigorous instruction and assessment, a modern learning culture, and personalized learning.

To kick off Each Will Thrive, Hamilton students and staff produced a video that explains the concept visually. Will Baker captured all the footage and audio and edited it into a cohesive narrative. Jon Charron coordinated the drone footage above the schools. Ryan Poe provided his voice talent for the narration. Teacher Mark Behnke advised the students during each step of the process. We attached the link below.

Please note: Make sure you select 1080p Quality in Settings, which is a gear icon located in the bottom right corner of the video player (desktop) or top right corner selection (YouTube app), for the highest quality video playback. Enjoy the video and let us know if you have any questions!

Hamilton Community Schools. Where Each Will Thrive.