Home School Partnership

Do you want to take advantage of this exciting opportunity for online or Project Based Learning elective classes?   All classes are non-essential electives and supplement your home school classes.  All students must be home schooled and can not be enrolled in any other public school or online public school at home program.   Hamilton public school students are eligible for these electives.  You can participate in this program and other non-public programs such as Friday Addition, Classical Conversations, and (HC)2. 

SCHEDULE OF Optional CLASSES on campus 

All classes can be taken completely online if preferred.  



August 24th  9-noon.  Orientation at the middle school
Sept. 12, 2017  First day of classes on campus
Nov. 22-23.  No classes
Dec. 21- Jan. 2  No classes
April 2-6  No classes
May 31, 2018 Last Day of classes for the year. 


Grades 6-12:  May elect up to 5 classes.  The 6-12 classes can be a mix of online, project based learning, dual enrollment, or classes on campus.  Project Based Learning classes are limited to 2 from each subject (Music, Art, PE, Technology, Foreign Language.)  High School students taking CTE (Career Technical Education Classes) are eligible for up to 3 Hamilton Partnership classes as all CTE classes count as 2 classes. 

Grades K-5:  May elect up to 5 classes (One online class will make them elegible for 1 full day of optional classes on campus.)   The K-5 classes can be a mix of online or project based learning.  Project Based Learning classes are limited to 2 from each subject (Music, Art, PE, Technology, Foreign Language.) Here are some options:

**Only Hamilton public school students and home school students are eligible for this program.  Students may not be registered in any other public school, including publicly funded (free) virtual schools, academies, or private schools with shared time programs.  




Hamilton Home School Partnership Overview

The Hamilton Home School Partnership offers many classes for children from grades K-12.  The classes are online and project Based Learnign classes taught by certified teachers.  While all classes may be taken completley online, many students enjoy the comradie and additional experiences providedd by the optional classes held at the Hamilton Middle School and Hamilton High School during our Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday home school sessions, primarily between 11:15-4:30.  

This program helps individualize learning for home school and blended instruction students living in the Ottawa Area ISD (Intermediate School District) or a contiguous ISD. (Kent County ISD, Allegan Area Educational Service Agency, or Muskegon Area ISD)  You can look up your ISD by following this link.    If you live in Allegan County, and are not in one of the included ISD's you may still participate but will be limited to 3 classes.  

Students enroll part-time with Hamilton Community Schools and are able to take elective online classes, college dual enrollment courses, and/or project based learning classes.  There are many opportunities, and the program continues to grow with the ideas and needs of our families.

As part-time Hamilton students, those enrolled will have course work partially or wholly paid for by State of Michigan education dollars.  As taxpayers, you deserve it.  As educators, we want to provide these learning opportunities for the children of our area, whether we see them all day everyday or only for a few hours each week.

For more information or to be added to our mailing list, you may contact Kristie Noguera at knoguera@hamiltonschools.us or 269-405-0837.