PBL PE (Project Based Learning)

Please see the PBL Page for details on what Project Based Learning is and what the expectations and requirements are to take one of these classes as an optional lab.

**PLEASE NOTE: Many of our community partners do not have their fall schdules posted yet.  You will need to contact them directly to find out when schedules will be posted and their registration opens. 


Greater Holland Area


  • Age Group Swim, Hamilton Swimming - 10 and Under swimmers should try for two practices a week.  11 and Over swimmers should try for three practices a week.  Winter season is the week of Thanksgiving until the second week of February.  Sign up for one PBL class for the fall semester. 
  • Avalon School of Arts, Holland - Register for any dance or musical theater class with Avalon School of Arts in mid to late July.   Hamilton will pay for all or most of tuition from September- May. Call 616.738.6495

  • Championship Gymnastics, Holland  - We will completely cover any 55 minute class they offer. Championship Gymnastics registration opens in August.   Signing up with Hamilton does not guarantee you a spot in one of their classes as their classes often have waiting lists.  Parents will need to sign up in person and pay the registration fee.  

  • Chan's Martial Arts, Holland - We are unable to pay for the entire amount of these classes, but can substantially reduce the amount you need to pay each month.  Please contact Chan's for payment options.  Register with Chan's Martial Arts in August. 

  • CrossFit Lake Effect, Holland - Group classes specially designed to increase athleticism through the development of proper movement patterns to increase strength, balance, speed , flexibility, endurance and overall wellness.  Activities will range from games like dodge ball to rowing, biking, running, lifting, climbing, jumping and using many different implements to make fitness FUN!  We are able to modify all movements to meet each students individual needs.  The hour long classes are designed for upper elementary and above, and are held on Tuesday and Thursday @ 9:30am and 2:30pm. Call Paul at  (616) 422-5531 or email info@crossfitlakeeffect.com to get registered.

  • Dance Asylum, Saugatuck - Pick 1 or 2 classes (with the exception of Pointe 2) 

  • For His Glory Ballet, Allendale - For His Glory is a ballet company founded in 2008, that offers classical ballet instruction for Hamilton students ages 5-18.  There will be recitals at Christmas and in the spring.  For more information visit their Facebook  page. To register contact Lauri at (616) 879- 1920 or adamsfam@outlook.com.

  • Georgetown Ice Center, Georgetown - Instructional classes for for ages 5 & up are Learn to Skate and
    Intro to Hockey. Our curriculum is based on the USA Hockey development model. We want your child to get the most out of their skating experience. Please call Mike or Anne at (616) 662-2800  for more information on levels of instruction. Registration is online only and you must have a promo code to register for the Hamilton partnership.  Please email Victoria at vvankamp@hamiltonschools.us for instructions and a promo code for the online registration. 

  • Grand Valley Sporting Goods, Allendale -  This class will be taught by a level 4 certified archery instructor. All ages welcome as long as the student can pull the bow.  Bring your own bow, or they will provide a rental bow to use during class. This is designed as an instructional class to be taken for one or two semesters depending on skill level.

  • Hamilton Karate, Hamilton.  You can take the 2 day per week class with optional Friday practice.  You pick which two days.  Ask Mr. Boun about exact times.    We can cover a large portion of the monthly fees.  Please speak to Mr. Boun about the families responsibility. 

  • Hamilton Karate PE Performance, Hamilton.  PE Performance class combines strength training, cardio, and weights.  Meets once a week on Wednesdays 2:45-3:45

  • Holland Aquatic Center, Holland. Group Swim Lessons.  Hamilton will not cover membership fees, but will cover  tuition for both member and non-member swim lessons. Fall schedule is TBD. For more information click the link above or call 616.393.7595.

  • Kids Unlimited, Hudsonville -  Pick the home school class during the day or any other class 55 min. or under.   Register with Kids Unlimited when they open their registration for fall. Registration fee is responsibility of parents.     

  • Lakeshore Taekwondo, Hudsonville - Classes meet twice per week. Monthly tuition paid by Hamilton, but each student is responsible for a $50 enrollment fee for the standard class - this includes uniform and what is needed to get started. $50 belt testing fee as students rank and testing is needed.   Visit their website or call 616-846-1907 to get registered.

  • Long Range Archery, Holland  Class meets at Long Range Archery Tuesday mornings 9-10 am.  Minimum of 6 students required to hold class and max of 10 students.

  • MVP Holland, MVP offers fun and physical activity for  Hamilton students in tennis, aquatics, small group training and programs!  Hamilton will pay for all or most of 1 x per week swimming and tennis lessons, and approximately half of group fitness training per 1 PBL for PE. Hamilton does not pay membership fees, and the amount of tuition covered for programming depends on level of experience, class size and frequency of class. For information on programming, click the above links or email jbajema@mvpsportsclubs.com. For questions regarding what Hamilton will pay for, please email Victoria at vvankamp@hamiltonschools.us **PLEASE NOTE: MVP's fall schedule and pricing will be posted to their website early to mid summer. 

  • Okinawan Karate Club, Holland - Classes  run on Tuesday and Thursday evenings with class times varying depending on age. Registration fee of $50 (which covers the first uniform) and any additional equipment is the responsibility of  the family. There is a $20 testing fee as students rank to new levels (which includes a new belt).   click here for more info on FaceBook or call (269) 214-2169 and talk with Sensei Piatek.

  • PKSA Holland, Little Ninjas teaches gross motor skills, fine motor skills, listening positions, discipline, and many other life skills while having fun in a nurturing environment. Our beginner classes are designed to give you the training you require. Our advance classes will challenge you and prepare you for Black Belt. We offer day and evening classes and have additional classes for students that want to add more to their martial arts experience. For registration information visit the PKSA link or call 616-795-1187

  • TNT West Soccer Club, Holland - Players must attend tryouts in mid-June and be invited to play on an age appropriate team. Registration fee of $100 and uniform expenses paid by parents is due at acceptance of position. (Mention Hamilton Home School to ensure proper billing.)   A year long commitment is REQUIRED for age u8-u14.  U15-U18 High School Boys play Spring only. U15-U18 High School Girls play Fall only.  The Fall season runs from August-October and Spring from April-June.  Training is  2x  a week for approximately 1 1/2 hours with weekend games.  Winter training, tournaments and minor travel may be extra. Questions call Heidi Daane 616-780-1871.

  • Turning Pointe Dance , Holland and Hudsonville - We will pay for any once a week class Turning Pointe offers.  We will pay for a large portion of the twice a week classes.  They open registration in May for current families and June for new families.  There is no guarantee of availability so it is first come first serve.  DO NOT SIGN UP ONLINE AT THEIR WEBSITE, they need to know you are a Hamilton student. NOTE:  There will be no new registrations taken for 2nd semester. 


Greater Grand Rapids Area


  • Aerials Gym, Grand Rapids - Get registered online by visiting their website.  Be sure to note that you are working with the Hamilton Home School Program in the "additional details" field when beginning the registration process.  We will pay tuition for a one hour per week class. 

  • Caledonia Dance and Music Center, Caledonia. Offering dance lessons on a 10 month program with Hamilton paying for classes from September - May. Any additional fees and tuition overage are the responsibility of parents as well as dance attire and shoes. Click on their name above or please call 616-891-1606 for details on classes and registration. 

  • CARE Ballet - Grand Rapids - Call (616) 464-3682. All or most of tuition paid by Hamilton. 

  • For the Kidz, Wyoming - Gymnastics, Dance, Ninja Training, TaeKwonDo  (616) 726-7979

  • Game On, Kentwood - Game On  offers  baseball clinics for our home school partnership. Included will be instruction in hitting, fielding, positions, base running and more. Lessons dates and times are TBD for fall.  You will need to contact Game On Sports at 616-971-9070 to register.

  • Gold Fish Swim School, Grand Rapids -  Lessons  for students 12 and under.  1 group class per week Please call Goldfish swim club to arrange for lesson days and times at least 2 weeks prior to starting lessons. Hamilton can pay the monthly tuition from Sept.-May, but parents are responsible for registration fee at the time of sign up. To drop classes, you must give Goldfish  a 30 day written notice by completing and submitting a drop form to Goldfish.

  • GYMCO, Grand Rapids - Students will come to Gymco to learn sports skills, gymnastics and cheerleading, but what they'll really come away with is a postive attitude about physical activity that can influence their whole lives. For information on registration contact office@gymco.com or call 616.956.0586

  • HIS Dance, Grand Rapids - Go to www.hisdance.org for information on class availability. Hamilton will pay tuition for the one hour per week classes. There is a $20 registration fee per family with a discount for additional family members. Any added fees, such as costuming, will be the responsibility of the family. After you register online, be sure to call 616-245-9501 and tell them that you are working through the Hamilton Home School Program.      

  • Hoop Heaven, Grand Rapids -  Serves basketball players of all ages starting from Kindergarten on up. Each player will be challenged mentally, physically and spiritually at a high level to get max results as a basketball player. Hamilton will cover tuition for the 2x per week option. For more info on Hoop Heaven programming contact Jeremiah at  (616) 644-1611 or email tjhamlet7@me.com. For questions regarding tuition, email Victoria at vvankamp@hamiltonschools.us                                                                                                               

  • Horizon Complex, Jenison - Enroll with Horizon Complex when their fall schedule comes out.  They may test you to determine level.  You may take any dance, karate, or gymnastics class.  Please note:  There is an additional cost of the 1.25 hours classes for next fall.  Parent will be responsible for the difference if the 1.25 class is not completely covered by Hamilton. Registration fee is also the responsibility of parents.

  • Hornets Soccer, Grand Rapids. -  This club has served the West Michigan homeschool community for over 20 years. They field three teams: Junior High, Junior Varsity and Varsity. Hamilton will pay tuition for the fall season. Please note: this is for fall semester only. To register contact Eric at (616) 581-1605 or email ebeuker@comcast.net.

  • Integrity School of Dance Arts, Grand Rapids - Hamilton will cover all or most of the tuition based on level of experience, class length and whether one or two classes per week are taken. Please click the Integrity link above and scroll to the bottom of their page for helpful information on classes selections. Email vvankamp@hamiltonschools to verify the amount of tuition that will be paid as well as how many PBL's are required. There is a $10-$15 registration fee and deposit to be paid by parents. Fall Registration Open House dates are Saturday, July 22nd and Saturday, August 19th from 10am - 3pm and Thursday,  August 31st  from 5-8pm.

  • Kroc Center, Grand Rapids - There's something for everyone at the Kroc Center.  They offer classes in PE, Art and Music. Hamilton will cover tuiiton for students to take up to 4 sessions per PBL per semester. Please note: Students must choose classes in the same PBL category for a whole semester. Click the Kroc Center link above or call (616) 588-7200 for more information on classes.   Registration is online only and you must have a promo code to register for the Hamilton partnership.  Please email Victoria at vvankamp@hamiltonschools.us for instructions and a promo code to register. 

  • Michigan Ballet Academy, Grand Rapids - Call (616) 710-1666. Partial tuition paid by Hamilton and parents pay the balance. 

  • Michigan Futbol Academy/River City Soccer, - Grand Rapids - MFA is a one stop shop for soccer players. The Rivercity Rascals is the perfect community program for all that are interested in a fun soccer experience,  while the Rivercity FC travel soccer and futsal (indoor soccer) programs are a great fit for highly motivated players. Students must attend tryouts in mid-June and be invited to play in the travel soccer or futsal programs.  All or a portion of the cost will be covered, depending on age group and which program you choose. Email vvankamp@hamiltonschools.us for questions on how this works and what Hamilton will pay. Click the link above for program information, and register for tryouts today!

  • West Michigan Fencing Academy, Grand Rapids - Take your first step to becoming an Olympian! Our fencing classes are designed for individuals with little or no fencing experience. All equipment is provided for introductory classes. All registration fees and equipment for advanced classes are the responisbility of the parents. Call 616-245-5104 for registeration information.

  • YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids, This includes programming at the following locations: David D. Hunting YMCA, Mary Free Bed YMCA,  Spartan/Nash Stores YMCA, YMCA Caledonia Program Center, Lowell YMCA, Visser Family YMCA, Wolverine Worldwide YMCA, and  Ionia County YMCA. Please click the above YMCA link and use the drop down menu for the location nearest you.  You may take up to 4 six week sessions per semester, either back to back, overlapping or skip sessions in between. 

  • 61Syx Teknique, Grand Rapids. - 61Syx Teknique Dance Academy is a one of a kind studio committed to sharing their passion and knowledge of  Hip Hop Culture through the high energy, interactive art of Breakin' (Breakdance).  61Syx SDA provides a family friendly environment for students of all ages to explore their individuality through dance. Hamilton will pay tuition for the 1x per week class. Contact Keegan at (616) 826-8013 or email keegan.loye@gmail.com


Grand Haven - Muskegon Area

  • Cassell Gymnastics and Dance - Tuition for any classes 45 minutes to 2/12 hours per week can be covered by the partnership.  If signing up for classes over 2 1/2 hours, the parent will need to pay the extra amount.  
  • Lakeshore Academy of the Arts - Two dance studio locations: Spring Lake and North Muskegon. Take 1 or 2 classes per each PBL - PE class. $20 yearly registration fee.  Click here to visit their website or call 231-638-7542 to get registered. 

  • Lakeshore Taekwondo, Grand Haven - Classes meet twice per week. Monthly tuition paid by Hamilton, but each student is responsible for a $50 enrollment fee for the standard class - this includes uniform and what is needed to get started. $50 belt testing fee as students rank and testing is needed.  Visit their website or call 616-846-1907 to get registered.

  • Muskegon Lakeshore Figure Skating Club, Muskegon - Find out more about the Skate to Learn Program here or call (231) 73-SKATE. 

  • Muskegon Jr. Jacks, at the L.C. Waker Arena in Muskegon provides players with quality coaching, skill appropriate training and competition, where players will have the opportunity to develop to their highest potential in athletic and team skills. The values of team spirit, sportsmanship and fair play will be instilled into players while in a safe and fun environment. For more information contact Nigel at (231) 724-5225           ext. 239. Register online and Hamilton will pay all of Mini-mite and Mite tuition or part tuition for Squirt, Peewee and Bantam.  Contact vvankamp@hamiltonschools.us for questions regarding tution. 

  • Tri-Cities Family YMCA , Grand Haven - Offers a variety of classes from swimming, gymnastics, dance, basketball and more. Visit their website to view the programs available or call (616) 842-7051.

Allegan / Plainwell Area / Middleville


  • All That Athletics, Plainwell - Call (269) 685-5255. We offer recreational and competitive team gymnastics, cheer/tumble, karate, tumble/tramp and boys gymnastics and athletic training.

  • Great Lakes Taekwondo,  Allegan - Monthly tuition paid by Hamilton, but each student is responsible for a $50 enrollment fee for the standard class - this includes uniform and what is needed to get started. $50 belt testing fee as students rank and testing is needed. Click here to visit their website. Call 269-673-5429 or email greatlakestkd@yahoo.com to get registered.

  • Gymnastics in Motion, Middleville.- Parents must pay the $47 membership fee per family per year and Hamilton will pay for the classes.  Please mention you have a Hamilton Home School student when registering.

  • Jestina’s Studio of Dance, Allegan - Offers a wide variety of fun, high-quality dance classes; where students receive both a professional and personal experience. J.S.D. is a friendly, energy-packed atmosphere where students can learn dance techniques and enjoy smaller class sizes; giving you more one-on-one instructional time for your dollar. We accept both beginning and advanced students; Contact, or visit us to find a class that’s right for you! 

  • Seminole Canyon Farm, Allegan - We teach total horsemanship in all of our programs including horse care, handling and riding.  We offer a variety of classes to meet the learning needs and interests of our students. Class options run from the traditional to the theatrical. We offer evening classes, Saturday classes, homeschool group classes, horse handlers, and "theatrical horsemanship". For more information regarding schedules and pricing visit our website or go to our facebook page at www.facebook.com/seminolecanyonfarm

  • TK Middleville Karate, Middleville.  Call (269) 205-3391 for regisration information and class schedules. 

  • USA TaeKwonDo Plainwell.  Hamilton will pay for the lessons Sept-May.  Parents must purchase a $45 uniform and pay all testing fees.