PBL Technology 

Please see the PBL Page for details on what Project Based Learning is and what the expectations and requirements are to take one of these classes as an optional lab.

**PLEASE NOTE: Many of our community partners do not have their fall schdules posted yet.  You will need to contact them directly to find out when schedules will be posted and their registration opens. 


Delivered to Your Home


  • Spangler Science Kits - Deluxe kits delivered to your door monthly.  Amazing Experiements delivered to your door each month.  Learn the science behind the experiements.  

  • Kiwi Crate - Sign up for full year in the fall and receive 12 months.  2nd semester enrollees will recieve 6 kits.  Kiwi Crate for ages 5-8 and Tinker Crate for 9 +

  • Ivy Kids - Kits delivered to your home for children 5-8 years old. 




  • Team Robotics




  • Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids. KCAD's Continuing Studies program offers Saturday youth classes during the school year and day camp during spring break  ranging in topics from drawing to video game design. To see a sample of  courses, click the link above.  Hamilton students will be eligible for 1-2 five week sessions per semester (depending on interest), and/or the spring break day camp.