Online Classes

Hamilton Community Schools has partnerships with Edgenuity, Odysseyware, MVU and GenNet to provide Online Learning Opportunities.  You can follow the links below to see a list of available courses.  

Please note:

  • Only electives and semester long courses may be selected.  The links below contain core classes and year long classes.  If you aren't sure if it is an elective, just ask.  
  • All AP courses count as electives and may be selected.  
  • All SAT and ACT prep classes count as electives and may be selected.
  • All online classes are done at your own time and place as long as student stays on track.  Many online classes have set start and end dates.  Online classes can be worked on at home or a library.  
  • Students need to complete all classes you order.  
  • Online classes are available for grades K-12 and will count as 1 of the 5 classes.  
  • Every student taking an online class will be assigned a mentor who will communicate with them about progress and content of their online class.  It is very important the student communicate's with their mentor teacher. 


Available Online Classes:

  • Edgenuity    Course List  Grades 6-12  Course descriptions for the Edgenuity classes are available upon request.  
  • Odysseyware.  Grades 6-12  Many good CTE options like Animal Systems, Business Law, and Food and Beverage Management.  Complete Course catalog  or List of Classes by subject (All CTE classes are electives)
  • GenNet   An extensive listing of classes.  Foreign Languages including Latin for K-5, but most classes are for grades 6-12.  Only semester long electives are available from this list from any vendor except K12 and Northwestern U.
  • MVU    Grades 6-12.  Many AP classes.
  • Online Robotics for grades 1-8.  May sign up for an optional lab at the school grades 3-8.  Attendance at the lab is required for students in grades K-2.  New***  A pilot online class for K-2 class.  Parents will need to pay a deposit for ktis and come to the school twice per semester to exchange kits.  Please note K-2 students will need some parent guidance and participation.  Enrollment limited to 10 students.
  • Rosetta Stone For grades K-12   Works on ipads.  Available Languages:   Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Dutch, Filipino (Tagalog), French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Persian (Farsi), Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish (Latin America), Spanish (Spain), Swedish,  Turkish,  Vietnamese.
  • Zoom Chess  (requires java)  K-12
  • YDACS Grades 3-12  One Page Flyer   We will buy one class per semester.  If you would like more than one, sign up for the 2nd option, and you can take 2 per semester back to back.  2 per semester will count as two classes.

    Digital Drawing and Painting - DDP101
    Digital Photo Painting – DPP101
    3D Digital Drawing - 3DDRW101 (6th grade and up only)
    Video Game Design Basics – VGD101
    RPG Video Game Design – VGD102
    Digital Manga – DM101


  • New!  Google Computer Science.  Grades 4-8 only.   Choose one of the 4 areas of focus. 

    1. Game Design and Art

    2. Storytelling and Friends

    3. Fashion & Design and Social Media

    4. Spots and Music & Sound

  • EEMC  (Electrical Engineering Mechanical Engineering)  For Ages 7-12  For Ages 7-12  Every semester EEMC will ship you a 6 project kits in the mail. Your first kit will have the base components which all subsequent projects will be built on. This includes a baseplate, breadboard and a battery pack. Each bag of components is a kit which is expected to take a month to work on. Your kid will reuse the baseplate, breadboard and battery pack to build out another electronics project using their online video curriculum as a guide.  The first shipment will offer kits 1-6 as advertised on their website and second semester will have kits 7-12.  Open to advanced 6 year olds with parental assistance.  There are 4 semesters of kits.  Sign up for EEME and then near the start of the school year, fill out the google doc from EEME to request whichever kit your student it on.