Here is a running list of emails I have sent out to the whole group.  If you are new to the program and mailing list, you may have missed some of these important updates.  


On Sept. 11th, Kristie Noguera wrote:

Here are the arranged shuttle bus routes to and from Hamilton Karate.  Please remind your children not to eat on the bus.  The bus driver allowed it last year, but there was too much of a mess and asked we not eat on the bus this year.  Thank you.
The high school pick up is by the front door flag pole.  The middle school pick up is right outside the front office.  


11:05- Pick up by the Middle School office and bring to Karate

2:00- Pick up at Karate and bring to Middle School

4:40- Pick up at High School and Middle School and take to Karate



11:05- Pick up at Karate and take to Middle School office and High School office



11:00 Karate to Middle School office and High School office

4:40 – Pick up at High School office and Middle School Office and take to Karate



On August 24, Kristie Noguera wrote:

Rosetta Stone Latin  - I forgot to add the Rosetta Stone Latin to the class track sign ups.  It is there now if anyone is interested.

Volunteers  - I am looking for a few parents and/or students willing to volunteer to give tours to new families at the orientation on tomorrow  Aug 25th.  It would be great if we could have a few people to hang out at the high school and a few people at the middle school.  I will have maps printed out, but the art room in the high school is hard to find even with a map and your help would be greatly appreciated.  

New Partners -  Okinawan Karate Club, Art by Era, Master Arts Theater, Lakeshore Academy of Arts Great Lakes Taekwondo - Allegan, Piano with Alicia Oliver, Lakeshore Taekwondo Hudsonville and Grand Haven, 

WISH Program - If you will be entering the middle school during the school day, you will need to sign in as a volunteer.  To set up a profile, please go to the WISH website now and create a profile.  This is very important for the security of our home school students and all the students in the building.  The school does a background check on every adult entering the building to keep the school safe.  Parents may hang out anytime in the hangout area by the pool in the middle school.  Parents may not walk students to class after the first week at high school.  At middle school you are welcome to walk kids to class. There is no hangout area in the high school, Sorry.  When you enter the school sign on as a volunteer and the computer will print out a sticker with your name on it.  Please wear the sticker the entire time you are in the building.  After school hours (2:35 for high school, 2:45 for middle school) you do not need to sign in.   If you were in WISH last year, you do not need to create a new profile.

WiFi - On the topic of hang outs - if you would like to use the school's wifi while you are there, sign on to Guest and the password is W3lcom32.  (That is a lowercase L after the 3.)

Paperwork  - I still need paperwork from many of you.  Returning students don't need to do any paperwork unless they are entering 7th grade and have an immunization waiver.  New students should have registered online.  I will have blank school of choice forms and people available to look at birth certificates at: 

orientation tomorrow 1-3 east gym of the middle school
Aug. 30 10-noon at For The Kidz gymnastics
Sept. 1 at Res Life Grandville Door C or J in the purple room.  
You could also stop over at the admin building Mon-Fri 8-4 and ask for Mary at the front desk.

PSAT - If interested, sign up with the High School Secretary and pay exam fee of around $15.

On Aug 10, 2016, at 4:58 PM, Kristie Noguera wrote:

If you are taking a community partner class or may add one please look this over.
Victoria VanKampen -  Victoria is taking over all the community partner arrangements and billings.  Please direct any community partner questions to her at   I have also copied her on this email.
Drops - We are at that time of year when invoices start coming in and payments start going out.  If you drop a class we have paid for, please understand you may be responsible for some of the charges.  Some partners have non-refundable registration fees.  If we have not been charged yet, it is no problem to drop.  
Online Portion - The logins for the online portion will be sent to your email the first week of school.  

Adding new community partners - I have been sending requests on to Victoria and she has many in progress.  If you have a request, please send it to her by August 20.  After August 20, we will work towards adding new partners for 2nd semester.  
Registration - To be fully registered, you need to sign up for the class with Hamilton and then also at the partner.  Just tell them you have a Hamilton home school student when you sign up.
Payments - You should not pay first and be reimbursed.  Some places have a registration fee you need to pay and that is noted.  If you have any questions, please contact Victoria.
Questions from the partners- We have so many new partners this year and many of them have questions and are asking you and you don't have all the answers.  I am also finding that sometimes the person at the front desk doesn't know about the agreement we made with the managers.  If you run into any issues at all, please contact Victoria.  She is working through the unanticipated issues as they arise and clearing everything up.  I thank you for your patience and communication as we get this year under way.  


On August 2nd, Kristie Noguera wrote:

Hi everyone,
I wanted to share a couple things with you.
Calendar for Hamilton classes.  Please note your community classes may have a different calendar.

Sept. 13          Classes Start

Nov. 23-24       No class - Thanksgiving

Dec. 22-Jan 3  No Class - Holiday Break

April 3-7           No Class - Spring Break

May 10             No Class - Tulip Time

June 1st            Last Day of Classes

New Secretary.  Please welcome Victoria VanKampen to the home school staff.  She will be managing the community partner billings, staffing the front desk at the middle school, managing field trips, and more.  
More Tae Kwon Do.  Due to the huge popularity of the am tae kwon do class on Wednesdays, Mr. Boun has added a Thursday morning 10-11 Tae Kwon Do class to the schedule.  Feel free to sign up if you are interested. 
Location and Room Numbers.  I should have more on room numbers next week.  As of today, it looks like we will again be split between the high school and middle school, with a couple classes at the admin building (robotics) and Hamilton Karate.  
Orientation.  We have an orientation scheduled for August 25th at the middle school, 1-3.  You are not required to attend.  Many of the teachers will be present and you will be welcome to tour the schools and locate the classrooms your children will be going to.   The school picture people will be there again this year.


On July 18th Kristie Noguera wrote:

As you may have seen on the Hamilton home school facebook page,we have received a seat time waiver for K-5 students, which gives our K-5 students many more options.  If you are happy with your K-5 child's schedule, you do not need to make any changes, anything that worked before, still works.  The new guidelines just give more choices.  The biggest change is that K-5 students are no longer required to come to campus at all and no longer need to take a 5 hour block to qualify for online/community classes.  
K-5 Guidelines:

K-5 students may take a total of 5 classes (each elective block counts as 1/2 a class) plus any bonus classes.  Each Elective Block at the school counts as 1/2 class.  So a full day at the school (11:15-4:30) counts as one of the 5 classes.
K-5 students may take as many online classes as they want, as long as they don't go over 5 total classes total plus any bonus classes. Please remember with the community classes, that you can only take 2 per subject. So 2 online PE classes, 2 online music classes, and 1 online art class will work, but 3 or 4 online PE classes will not work.
K-5 students are no longer required to take a class on campus or a 5 hour block to qualify for online classes.
Some examples of acceptable schedules are:

3 full days at school and 2 community classes
2 online/community classes
1 Hamilton swim class, home school tae kwon do, 2 full days at the school, 2 community classes, & Rosetta Stone.
Field trips, robotics, and 3 community classes.
1 half day at the school, 4 community classes
1 half day at the school on Tuesday, 1 full day at the school on Wednesday, 3 community classes, swimming and bonus archery.

Community Classes for Grades 6-12 Clarification

I also want to clear up some confusion on community classes for 6-12 students.   They can also take as many online classes as they want, as long as they don't go over 5 total classes plus any bonus classes.  Please remember with the community classes, you can only take 2 per subject. So 2 online PE classes, 2 online music classes, and 1 online art class will work, but 3 or 4 online PE classes will not work.  I just don't have that many different online PE classes to give out.  Although you can take 5 community classes, please consider the time commitment of the online portion of each of those classes and how it will fit in your schedule. 
Field trip class, for Grades K-12
Field trip class - Thanks to the new waiver, we no longer need to meet at the school!  If you live in Grand Rapids, and the field trip is in Grand Rapids, you will now be able to meet at the location, and will not need to drive all the way to the school for attendance first.  A bus will still be provided for those of you that want to meet at the school and ride the bus to the field trip.  The field trip class counts as 1 class for grades K-12 and will have an online assignment before each trip to prepare the student for the trip and increase the educational value of the trip.

Finally, announcements for new classes.

SAT Math Prep with Mrs. VanFarowe.    SAT Test Prep is an online class in which students will study for the Math portion of the SAT. Each week an online video will introduce a topic and the student will need to work through some problems. In class, the students will get more practice with Mrs. VanFarowe, as well as a review of topics already covered. Students will be expected to be ready for class and to keep up with the online instruction to be successful in this class. For grades 9-12, but any serious 8th grader studying for the SAT is welcome to join.  Wednesdays 11:15-12:45.  
Goldfish swim school in Grand Rapids.
Lisa Whitters, Wyoming.  616-288-5510.  Home School mom and group music lesson teacher.  Can teach all strings, including mixed string groups.  Violin and viola to advanced, cello and base to intermediate, and piano all levels.  Will mix instruments and skill level within groups.  She is willing to help match up groups of 4 for you - just give her a call.