Requirements for Participation


  1. Complete all registration paperwork
  2. Complete all classes. 
  3. Participate in Count Day  See below as different classes have different requirements.( 4 weeks following the 2nd Wed. in October, and the 2nd Wed. in February)
  • On campus classes for grades 6-12.  Must communicate with a Mentor Teacher about the classes for all 4 weeks of count.  The teacher will be at the school and will email if the student is absent.
  • On campus class for grades K-5.  Be present one time during the month of count.  
  • Online classes (Includes Experiencing Art and Tech and Robotics)  Communicate with a Mentor Teacher about the class for all 4 weeks of count.  If attending classes on campus, the mentor teacher will make contact at the school, if not attending in Hamilton, the mentor teacher will email or call.
  • PBL Classes.  Communicate with your PBL teacher for count.  Most teachers will call on count day or send an email on count day.
  • Please repsond promptly to the mentor teacher for your classes.  Parents can help answer for students in grades K-5 and 6-12 grade students need to answer for themselves.




Please Note:  This is subject to change for the next school year.  There is a lot of talk at the state level about changing the requirements for counting online classes.  Any changes will be made here and emailed to all enrolled students.