Requirements for Participation  

(Please note we are expecting some small changes to count for the 17-18 school year and will update this as soon as the new manual comes out)


  1. Complete all registration paperwork
  2. Complete all classes. 
  3. Participate in Count Day  See below as different classes have different requirements.( 4 weeks following the 2nd Wed. in October, and the 2nd Wed. in February)
  • On campus classes for grades 6-12.  Must communicate with a Mentor Teacher about the classes for all 4 weeks of count.  The teacher will be at the school and will email if the student is absent.
  • On campus class for grades K-5.  Be present one time during the month of count.  
  • Online classes (Includes Experiencing Art and Tech and Robotics)  Communicate with a Mentor Teacher about the class for all 4 weeks of count.  If attending classes on campus, the mentor teacher will make contact at the school, if not attending in Hamilton, the mentor teacher will email or call.
  • PBL Classes.  Communicate with your PBL teacher for count.  Most teachers will call on count day or send an email on count day.
  • Please repsond promptly to the mentor teacher for your classes.  Parents can help answer for students in grades K-5 and 6-12 grade students need to answer for themselves.




Please Note:  This is subject to change for the next school year.  There is a lot of talk at the state level about changing the requirements for counting online classes.  Any changes will be made here and emailed to all enrolled students.