Tuition may be paid in 1 payment (yearly), 2 payments (semester)  or 9 payments (monthly). Tuition is slightly discounted for yearly and semester payments. Tuition rates are listed below.

Tuition assistance is available for qualifying families through the Great Start Readiness Program 
(4 year olds, afternoon session) and Ready for School (3 year olds). Applications for assistance will be available at registration.

T/TH Morning session for 3-year-olds

$ 103 per month (9 payments)
$ 453 per semester (2 payments)
$ 865 per year (1 payment)

M/W/F Morning session for 4-year-olds

$ 155 per month (9 payments)
$ 680 per semester (2 payments)
$ 1,308 per year (1 payment)

M/T/W/Th Afternoon session for 4-year-olds

$ 206 per month (9 payments)
$ 906 per semester (2 payments)
$ 1,740 per year (1 payment)

You may qualify for FREE PRESCHOOL! Our afternoon 4-year-old session participates in Michigan’s Great Start Readiness Program. This program supports qualify preschool in Michigan. The income eligibility includes moderate income levels (for the 2018-19 school year, a family of four would qualify with an income of $62,750).