registration for full time Hamilton Virtual school students

We are accepting applications for full time students for in district students.  Schools of choice students may be accepted during the next schools of choice window.  Please complete this application and you will be notified of acceptance.  

Registration for part time (homeschool) Hamilton virtual school Students

New students will be accepted for 2nd semester of the 18-19 school year. 

Complete the new student enrollment using this online form.

Select classes in ultracamp.  Open Dec 12-31. 

Be prepared to bring an original birth certificate to Hamilton Schools Admin Building, 4815 136th Ave, Hamilton, MI 49419 Mon-Fri 8-4 or meet up to show it to a staff member at one of the birth certificate checks in the GR area.  Dates TBA. 

Full time students at ANY BUILDING may sign up for HVS classes:

High School students, contact Gina Sneller 
Middle School students, contact Kris Henrickson 
Elementary students, contact your building principal. 


Online Registration:

Consent for online classes:

Required for all virtual school students.  Consent Form

Birth Certificate:

We will need to see the Child's original birth certificate.  You can bring it to the admin. office at 4815 136th 8am-4pm weekdays or t the virtual school lab in the back of the middle school between 10:00-4:00 Monday - Friday or by appointment.


If your children are not immunized, you will need to contact your local Health Dept. for an immunization waiver upon entry to the program and again when they enter 7th grade.  

Medical Forms:

Please contact the school nurse for the proper forms if you student has a severe allergy, asthma, diabetes, or any medication that will need to be administered/addressed while at the school. 

Drop Classes:

email Kristie

Withdrawal Form:

Required upon exit of the program.