September 24, 2020

Friday Night Football Update

Last week I shared a message much like this with you. Today I want to share a couple of additional updates (These can be found below) and THANK all of you who read, and respectfully responded to the requirements put on us by the State and the MHSAA in my last communication regarding Friday night football. 

  • Football is unique in that it traditionally brings out the community as well as the parents of athletes on Friday nights. 
  • For this year that posed an issue for us as the requirements for us to run athletic events are such that each athlete only receives two tickets for each event. 
  • To date and with most sports, our families and the community have been wonderful in respecting the boundaries that have been put in place that allow our athletes to compete. 

As we look to Friday we want to clearly communicate the plan so that there are no misunderstandings and everyone is aware of how we plan to address the requirements put on us by the MHSAA and the corresponding Executive Orders. If you have no interest in football, you can stop reading and delete this email. If you are a parent, or a member of the district that was hoping to watch the game, please read on.

We are happy to share that we will be LIVE STREAMING the game and the link to that can be  found here: 


Hamilton Roster

Allendale Roster

The requirements of the OK Conference, MHSAA and the corresponding Executive Orders can be found below and the important information is bulleted underneath the links. As we worked through feedback from last Friday, conversations with other districts, experiences of other local schools and further clarification from the MHSAA we made some changes to this week's plan. NEW changes from last week are in “italics”.

OK Conference Communication addressing the need to follow all of the requirements below.

MHSAA Guidelines

Executive Order 176

Executive Order 180

Spectator Limitations: Limitations on spectators are based on the school’s Phase in the MI Safe Start Plan, and updated based on Executive Order 176. 

  • Each participant is allowed two guests for OUTDOOR sports. There are NO exemptions to this requirements

Spectators Rules:

  • (NEW) Spectators will only be able to enter the facility via the drive between the pool and tennis courts. Only spectators with passes are allowed to enter the parking lot. 
  • (NEW) Tailgating and congregating on the fence around the stadium will not be allowed.
  • Spectators must wear face coverings and practice physical distancing in the stands and walking to and from your seats. There are NO medical exemptions for masks.
  • Entrance and exit protocols, and posted signs by host management must be obeyed. Please keep 6 feet of distance between you and other families as you enter, exit and watch the game.

To help guide those people who have been given the athletes tickets, spectators should use the entrance between the tennis courts and the pool. ALL other drives will be blocked.  To help illustrate this plan we have created a map of our campus and it is shown below and linked here:    


For the safety of our students and staff and to ensure that we continue to have the ability to allow our athletes to compete in the sport they love, we are communicating our expectations in advance. Anyone without a ticket attempting to enter the assigned parking lot and/or “athlete and event staff” areas outlined on this map will be asked to leave the campus. 



Jordan Bandstra, Athletic Director

Ben Bandfield, High School Principal

Alli Hoskins, Assistant Principal 

David Tebo, Superintendent