Curricular Decisions Based on Data

Curricular Decisions Based on Data

Benchmark Assessments

Screening and Benchmark Assessments for Early Reading, Reading Comprehension and Math Proficiency
zip Delta Math - Elementary and middle school screening assessments math grade level content expectations. Given three times per year.
zip DIBELS - Developmental Indicators of Early Basic Literacy Skills (DIBELS) screening and benchmark assessment given three times a year at early elementary (K-3)
zip SRI Reading Tests - Scholastic Reading Inventory: reading comprehension assessment given three times a year at elementary and middle school level

Community Surveys

Data collected to ensure system-wide curricular decisions are made based on research
zip Survey Question Clouds - Spring 2011 community survey. Raw data and word clouds to communicate responses.

Elementary Assessments

Examples of common assessments used at the elementary level

zip 1st Grade Math Test PDF Document3rd grade Subtraction Test PDF Document3rd grade Math Ch. 1 pg. 2
zip 2nd Grade Assessments PDF Document3rd grade Addition Test PDF Document3rd grade Math Ch. 1 pg. 3
PDF DocumentResource Room Math Assessment PDF Document3rd grade Math Ch. 1 pg. 1  

Reporting to Parents and Students

Examples of Progress Reports and Report Cards

PDF DocumentGrade and Attendance Reporting PDF Document4th Grade Report Card PDF Document1st Grade Report Card
PDF DocumentMiddle School Progress Report PDF Document3rd Grade Report Card PDF DocumentKindergarten Report Card
PDF Document5th Grade Report Card PDF Document2nd Grade Report Card PDF DocumentYoung Fives Report Card

PDF DocumentLetter to parents of Young Fives students about data and intervention program

State and National Assessments

Michigan Educational Assessment Program (MEAP) and Michigan Merit Exam (MME) results

Excel DocumentACT scores Excel DocumentAP results Excel DocumentState & District ACT Scores PDF DocumentMME Scores zip MEAP Data

PDF DocumentMichigan Merit Exam - state assessment (includes ACT test) given at 11th grade annually
PDF DocumentComparison of area high schools' college and career readiness (2010)