Curriculum Development and Articulation

Curriculum Development and Articulation

Files and documents that illustrate a curriculum based on clear student learning expectations
External LinkPioneer Tech Website - Alternative High School rules and policies governing graduation and promotion
External LinkSpecial Education Website - Describes process for identification and rules governing special education

PDF DocumentBentheim School Data PDF DocumentHamilton El School Data PDF DocumentHigh School Data PDF DocumentPioneer Tech Data
PDF DocumentBlue Star School Data PDF DocumentSandyview School Data PDF DocumentMiddle School Data  

Secondary Common Assessment Examples

PDF Document8th Grade Social Studies 1 PDF Document8th Grade Social Studies 5 PDF Document10th Grade English Crucible Unit Test
PDF Document8th Grade Social Studies 2 PDF DocumentAP Chemistry Exam PDF DocumentEnglish 10B Unit 2 Test
PDF Document8th Grade Social Studies 3 PDF DocumentChemistry Assessment Problems PDF DocumentLiterature's Place English 10 
PDF Document8th Grade Social Studies 4 PDF DocumentChemistry Assessment PDF DocumentPhysics Exams

PDF DocumentPolicies on Grading Criteria - See One-Year Initiatives - #2

Presentations of Assessment Data

Excel DocumentBOE Response to Intervention  PDF DocumentDistrict School Improvement Data PDF DocumentHS Reading Performance Comparison
PDF Document10th Grade 08/09 ACT Data PDF DocumentGrad Survey Current Students PDF DocumentMME ACT College Readiness 09/10
PDF Document10th Grade 09/10 ACT Data PDF DocumentGrad Survey Formal Schooling PDF DocumentMME ACT 2012 Subgroups
PDF DocumentAP 2008-2010 Data  PDF DocumentGrad Survey Remedial Classes PDF DocumentOttawa ISD College Readiness
PDF DocumentCollege Rediness 2008-2010 PDF DocumentGrad Survey 1 Sheet PDF DocumentPlan, Explore, ACT Analysis
PDF DocumentBentheim AYP history PDF DocumentBentheim School Improvement PDF DocumentBlue Star AYP history
PDF DocumentBlueStarSchool Improvement PDF DocumentHamilton EL AYP history PDF DocumentHamilton El School Improvement
PDF DocumentSandyview AYP history PDF DocumentSandyview School Improvement