Experiencing Arts and Technology 2018-19

also known as the Field trip class

Available to Students in Grades K-12.  Bus transportation is provided on most trips for enrolled students and parents.  Younger siblings who are not Hamilton students are not permitted on the bus.  If you have preschoolers you want to bring along, you may drive separately and meet at the location.  All students enrolled in the class will have their admission fees paid for by the school.

For students in grades K-12 this will count as one of your 4 classes.  

There will be 7 field trips offered first semester and 7 second semester.  Most field trips will be scheduled on Mondays, with some Friday exceptions.  For those taking the bus we will meet at the middle school before boarding the bus.  Departure times may vary depending on the trip, however most field trips will be between the hours of  9:00am-2:00pm due to bus availability.  In addition to the field trips, the teacher, Mr. VanFarowe and/orMr. Suhusky, will email virtual field trips weekly right to your home so your students can have great experiences online in addition to the trips they take throughout the year. 

Students no longer have to meet at the school before a field trip.  If you live closer to a field trip destination, you may meet the group there. If you plan to ride the bus, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU COMMUNICATE THIS WITH US IN THE COMMENT SECTION OF SIGN UP GENIUS. If  we don't have a comment or note that you will be riding the bus, we will plan to see you at the field trip destination. THANK YOU!!

When a field trip date is approaching you will receive an email from Sign Up Genius with information about the field trip and a link to sign up. IMPORTANT!! Please remember to include number of enrolled students, number of adults and number of non-enrolled siblings (when it applies) so that we can provide an accurate count to the filed trip coordinators. 

Watch for details such as lunch plans and payment arrangements as each field trip gets closer. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to email Rochelle at rvanderk@hamiltonschools.us or call (269)857-9594. 

If available, click on the field trip title to learn more!

1st Semester Field Trips

Tulip City Gem & Mineral Show Agates are Superior - Friday Sept. 14 

Coopersville Farm Museum- Monday Sept. 24 

Art Prize - Monday Oct. 1 

Deer Tracks Junction - Friday Oct. 12 

Lewis Farm Market - Friday October 26

USS Siversides - Monday Nov. 5

Griffs Ice House - Monday Nov. 19 

Kalamazoo Valley Museum - Monday Dec. 3


2nd Semester Field Trips