Hamilton Community Schools Outdoor Wi-Fi Hotspots

Hamilton Community Schools Outdoor WiFi Maps

Public WiFi from Cable Companies

Xfinity WiFi or Spectrum WiFi

Local Libraries

Area libraries like the Howard Miller Public Library in Zeeland,  Herrick District Library in Holland, and Salem Township Library in Burnips have set up their Wi-Fi signals to project out into their parking lots, where people are encouraged to work. 

Holland Civic Center Place

The City of Holland has set up a high-speed Wi-Fi network anyone may connect to for free from the parking lot of Holland Civic Center Place. The Wi-Fi network is called "MiHollandFreeWiFi" and is accessible from the north lot.

While the Civic Center building is closed to the public, the Wi-Fi may be used while parked in the lot. Overnight parking is prohibited by city ordinance, so hours are limited to 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.

AcenTek (Free broadband and WiFi internet access until June 1, 2020, to students and teachers who do not currently have internet service)

Affordable Internet at Home from Comcast (Two free months of Internet service if you apply by April 30, 2020)

Access from AT&T (Two months of free service to new customers who order Access by April 30, 2020)

Spectrum Internet Assist (Affordable high speed Internet to qualified households)

EveryoneOn (Find low-cost Internet and computers in your area)

Earthlink (High-Speed Internet)

MichWave (High-Speed Internet)

HughesNet (Satellite Internet)

Viasat (Satellite Internet)





12 Museum Virtual Tours (Social Studies and Art)

Abdo Digital Bookshelf  (English, Science, Social Studies, Spanish)

AFSA (Personal Finance)

Algebra Tutor Videos (Algebra)

Biology Simulations (Biology)

Chrome Music Lab (Band and Choir)

Khan Academy (Math, Science, Test Prep, Econ, Finance, Arts & Humanities, Computing) (All Pioneer Tech news and updates)

Audible Stories (Library Resource)

Time for Kids (All subjects)

Audible Stories (Library Resource)

Lunch Doodles (Art)

Khan Academy Kids (All subjects)

Cincinnati Zoo Livestream (Science)

Time for Kids (All subjects)

Audible Stories (Library Resource)