COVID-19 Resources


WiFi & Internet Resources

Xfinity WiFi Hotspots (Free WiFi)

Spectrum Hotspots (Free WiFi)

Internet Essentials from Comcast (Low-Cost Internet)

Access from AT&T (Low-Cost Internet)

Spectrum Internet Assist (Low-Cost Internet)

High School Academic Resources

12 Museum Virtual Tours (Social Studies and Art)

Abdo Digital Bookshelf  (English, Science, Social Studies, Spanish)

AFSA (Personal Finance)

Algebra Tutor Videos (Algebra)

Biology Simulations (Biology)

Chrome Music Lab (Band and Choir)

Khan Academy (Math, Science, Test Prep, Econ, Finance, Arts & Humanities, Computing) (All Pioneer Tech news and updates)

Audible Stories (Library Resource)

Middle School Resources

Elementary Academic Resources