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Speak Up Speak Out (SUSO) Allegan County Youth Leaders are youth who have received services within the Allegan County System of Care (SOC). We meet monthly to help each other gain independence, self-advocacy, respect, responsibility and leadership skills. Our mission to is to be included on decisions that impact our lives and the lives of other youth involved in the System of Care in our community. In order to have our voices heard, we are partnering with adults from the Allegan County System of Care to share our stories and advocate for policy changes that will improve the system for other youth and families.

The Allegan County System of Care youth advisory council, "Speak Up Speak Out" is currently accepting applications for new members.

We are seeking youth ages 12-18 who have been or are currently involved in ANY of the following Allegan County "systems":

  • Juvenile Justice: Cheever, probation
  • Mental Health: public or private mental health, psychiatric hospitalizations, therapy, emotional/behavioral challenges, mental illness diagnosis
  • Child Welfare: child protective services, foster care, adoption
  • Educational Supplements: 504 plan, special education, have an Individual Education Plan (IEP), behavioral problems at school

Meetings are held once per month on the second Tuesday from 3:30-5:00pm in the Leadership Room of the Allegan Public Schools Administration building located at 550 Fifth Street, Allegan.  Transportation can be made available.

Youth will receive a $25 paycheck for each day worked.  Please submit an application to a Youth Advisor for consideration; interviews to be held prior to offer of position.

For an application or for additional information, please contact a SUSO Youth Advisor:

  • Laurissa Austin, Allegan County Community Mental Health (269)673-6617 Ext.4822
  • Judy Skinner, Allegan County Family Court (269)686-4630
  • Kevin DeRoos, Hamilton Community Schools