Part Time (Homeschool) Students Frequently Asked Questions


Where can my children and I have lunch?  

All classes will take breaks for lunch and snacks.  Students can bring a lunch or purchase hot lunch from the cafeteria.   To request a number for hot lunch, email Paul at with child's name.
To put money in your child's account
To sign up for free/reduced lunches is

Hot lunch at the middle school is $2.85 and at the high school is $2.85-$3.40 depending on the student's choices.  

Parents may have lunch in the home school hangout or join the students in the cafeteria.

Do I need to stay at the school?

It is perfectly fine to drop your 6-12 grade students off for classes.  There is no supervision outside of class provided for younger students so either schedule them a block of classes or plan on staying with them.   If you stay children must be attended.    Older students may use the cafe area at the high school to independently study, eat, or read between classes.  

When do classes start?

Fall 2018 will start August 22nd.  Logins for online classes will be sent out the week of August 22nd.  Optional class experiences at the school will start Sept. 11th.

Where are the classes located?

Classes for Grades K-5 will meet at Hamilton Middle School.  Grades 6-12 will meet at Hamilton High School which is within walking distance of the middle school.  Pick up and drop off for the middle school is at the Virtual School Entrance around the back of the middle school across from the green house.  Pick up and drop off for the high school is at the upper parking lot by the flag poles.

How many classes can my child take?  (Please note this is subject to change.)

Full time and part time students may enroll in up to 4 elective classes.  

What age do my children need to be to participate in home school classes?

Students must be 5 on or before Sept. 1 of this academic year to participate.  This applies to both fall and spring semesters.  All virtual school classes are available for grades K-12 throughout the district.

Can my students be part of another home school group and still be eligible to be a Hamilton Virtual School part time student?

Students must be homeschooled.   You may belong to co-ops and other networks and still be a part of the partnership.  Students may not be registered in any public school, including publicly funded (free) virtual schools, academies, and so on.  

The class I want is full, can I be added to the class?

Email Kristie at to be added to a waiting list.

Is there a cost for any of the classes?

The classes are provided to you by Hamilton Community Schools free of charge.  The music classes require a book and instrument which will be the parents responsibility.  If there are any additional charges, it will be listed in the class description.  Sometimes the cost of the dual enrollment (college) classes will go over the allotment, and the parent is responsible for paying the balance.   If you take any Project Based Learning classes (PBL's), all or most of the tuition for optional labs will be paid for by Hamilton. Parents are responsible for registration fees, overages in tuition at some places, and any extra fees or supplies required such as ballet slippers for a ballet or uniforms for Martial Arts.

Do I need to purchase any school supplies?

For optional classes on campus please send a notebook and a pen or pencil.  Individual teachers may send out a supply list.  If your child will be at the school for an extended time, also send snacks/lunch and water bottle.  No colored liquids please.

Do I get credit or a transcript for these classes?

All classes offered through the Hamilton Home School program are electives and are graded.  Parents can add the electives to their children's home school transcript.  

How do you pronounce your name?

Noguera is pronounced NO-Gair (soft g with air)- a

Can I enroll in this home school partnership and also take classes with another district's home school partnership?

No, we do not split funding with other districts unless for CTE or special ed services. 

My child is a full time student at Hamilton schools.  What can they take?  

The non-essential electives offered through the Hamilton Virtual School are offered to every Hamilton student regardless of building and would count as a non essential elective.  Please contact Kristie Noguera to see how to fit one of these electives on your child's schedule.