Requirements for Participation  

  1. Complete all registration paperwork.  Registration, Concussion form, original birth certificate, and school of choice as needed.
  2. Complete all classes. 
  3. Report all absences.
  4. Participate in Count Day  See below as different classes have different requirements.
  • All online classes including those with an optional experience at the school.  Do work in online class on count day.  Must communicate with a Mentor Teacher about all classes.  
  • PBL Classes.  Communicate with a Mentor Teacher throughout the semester and especially for all 4 weeks of count.  If attending classes on campus, the mentor teacher will make contact at the school, if not attending in Hamilton, the mentor teacher will email or call.  Students in grades 6-12 must use their own email..
  • Please respond promptly to the mentor teacher.  Parents can help answer for students in grades K-5 and 6-12 grade students need to answer for themselves and respond from their own email, phone, or text.