About Pioneer Tech High School

Pioneer Tech is an innovative, educational environment that attempts to match the learning style of each student with an individualized program that will encourage and motivate them to achieve their goals.  The student is at the center of all learning at Pioneer Tech and thus, their responsibility and commitment are integral to achieving the goals they have set up for themselves. 



  • A student is able to choose their educational path.  Each student's course load is unique to their situation and grade level.  Consequently,  options include taking courses online using various online vendors or offline using inquiry-based projects.  Students are able to work in teams or alone.  Moreover,  they always have the opportunity to learn directly from a subject-area teacher as desired. 
  • Students work one-on-one with technology and other innovative means to reach mastery of the subject material.  
  • A variety of teacher-created courses at Pioneer Tech use the Michigan Merit Curriculum as well as the Common Core Curriculum in molding the direction of coursework,  while integrating the powerful tool of the Internet in completing assignments, projects, and other activities.

Pioneer Tech Standards:


Pioneer Tech expects and requires its graduates to meet the standards set forth in the Michigan Merit Curriculum expectations for high school graduation as well as the Common Core standards that have recently been adopted at the State level.  As well,  our desire is to offer programs that offer opportunities to prepare a student  for the workforce of the 21st century by building 21st century skills in the classroom. 


Perspective Students

If you are interested in learning more about the Pioneer Tech program,  we invite you to contact us by phone at the builidng, 616-394-1377 or by calling the Administration Office, 269-751-5148,  during summer office hours.  We welcome your interest and questions about our program!