Board of Education

The Board of Education is popularly elected to rotating six year terms in November of even numbered years.  The Board's responsibilities include establishing policy, representing community values, setting district goals, and approving the allocation of resources. 

The Board establishes subcommittees to deal with various tasks such as negotiations with employee groups and planning for facility expansions and upgrades.

Current Members

Melissa VanDerHulst, President (2018) 
Loren Joostberns,  Vice-President (2018) 
Amy Berarducci, Secretary (2020)
Corla Wedeven, Treasurer (2020)
Mike Jurries, Trustee (2020)
DeWayne O'Brien, Trustee, (2022)
Jason Thomas, Trustee (2022)


The public is invited to attend all meetings and workshops of the Board. All board meetings provide time for elected trustees and the administration to hear your concerns and opinions on any school-related topic, whether or not it is on the agenda. Members of the public are encouraged to contact the Board Office (269-751-5148) seven (7) days preceding any regularly scheduled board meeting to request an item be placed on the agenda.

Although public comments are encouraged by the Board, it is the policy of the Board of Education to defer answers or comments to a later time. Prior to placing an item on the agenda, the following steps should have been met when the issue pertains to a building or department level concern:

STEP 1 - Contact Staff Member
STEP 2 - Contact Principal
STEP 3 - Contact Superintendent
STEP 4 - Contact Board of Education

Melissa VanDerHulst,  President
Loren Joostberns, Vice-President
Amy Berarducci, Secretary
Corla Wedeven, Treasurer​
Mike Jurries, Trustee
DeWayne O'Brien, Trustee
Jason Thomas, Trustee
HCS Board of Education
4815 136th Ave.
Hamilton, MI  49419

Board Meetings

The Board of Education holds regular meetings on the second Monday of each month at 7:30 pm at the Middle School Library, with an exception in May.  The May meeting is held the third Monday in order to comply with laws regarding ISD elections.  Board meetings are open to the public and opportunities are given for public input. 

March 13, 2017        
April 10, 2017      
May 15, 2017  (Note – third week)          
June 12, 2017 

Board Bits Blog...

The Board had a regular meeting on May 15, 2017 at the Middle School Library.  The meeting began at 7:30 p.m. Highlights from the meeting include:

  • The Board considered the OAISD delegate Corla Wedeven and alternate delegate Melissa VanDerHulst to vote in the OAISD election on June 5, 2017.
  • The Instructional Highlight agenda item is an opportunity for the Board of Education to learn about curriculum, instruction and assessment initiatives / programs occurring in Hamilton Community Schools. The focus for the month of May was Covering Hawkeye Sports.
  • Mat Rehkopf updated the Board on Curriculum issues.

The Board approved the following items:

  • Budget Hearing Date set for June 12, 2017 at 6:30 p.m.
  • Vehicle purchase not to exceed $110,000.
  • The 2017-2018 OAISD budget proposal as presented.
  • The resolution designating Board members Corla Wedeven and Melissa VanDerHulst as the alternate to vote for Kathy Breen and John Siemion in the upcoming OAISD Election.
  • Technology purchases as presented.
  • The Facility Use Guideline as presented. 
  • The bond refunding resolution as presented.

There were two public comment opportunities.  No one addressed the Board.