bus driver photoThe Hamilton Community Schools Transportation Department’s mission is to ensure safe and reliable transportation through a well trained and professional staff. We have a staff of 41 professionally trained and certified school bus drivers who use the utmost care bring your student to and from school each day. Our staff of professional mechanics maintain our fleet with a commitment to safety and reliability. Our administration and office staff, consisting of the Transportation Director, a Lead Driver and 1 part time Secretary, strives to provide prompt and courteous services to all Students and parents with integrity and efficiency.

The Hamilton Community School District consists of approximately 135 square miles, which are serviced by 36 school buses on 29 regular routes and transporting approximately 2,515 students daily. The vehicles travel more than 436,450 miles annually for regular education.

At Hamilton Community Schools, we strive for excellence in Transportation services to you, our customers.

It is the mutual responsibility of the parent/guardian and school district personnel to make a reasonable effort to understand and cooperate with each other regarding safe and orderly pupil transportation.

 Thank You for your support and cooperation, together we will have a great school year!!

Bus Driver Listing

Name Position
Blankenship, Amy Bus Driver #32
Breuker, Diane Bus Driver #28/Blue Dolphin
Brush, Anne Bus Driver #36
Busscher, Tim Mechanic
Cottrell, Katrina Bus Driver #26
Dejonge, Vicki Bus Driver #9/Blue Whale
Dokter, Karen Bus Driver #35/Blue Seal
Dykema, Kathy Bus Driver #5/Blue Star Fish
Dykstra, Cathy Bus Driver #2/Black & White Panda Bear
Gallagher, Lisa Bus Driver #30/Pink Bunny
Genzink, Sally Bus Driver #12/Lime Green Eagle
Greving, Kimberly Bus Driver #6/Brown Horse
Hager, Lisa Bus Driver #7/Grey Elephant
Hager, Sharon Bus Driver #4/Brown Deer
Hofmeyer, Mary Bus Driver #39
Laarman, Faye Bus Driver #8/Green & White Duck
Lynema, Pamela Bus Driver #34/Orange Camel
Mulder, Debbie Bus Driver #25/Purple & White Zebra
Naber, Cindy Bus Driver #10/Purple Octopus
Obbink, Tanya Bus Driver #40/Green Frog
Scholten, Nancy Bus Driver #41/Black Bear
Schout, Krista Bus Driver #3/Green Alligator
VandeWege, Annette Bus Driver #1
VanDussen, Lori Secretary
Williams, Marcia Bus Driver #14/Orange Monkey
Wind, Kimberly Bus Driver #11/Blue Shark
Yates, Eileen Bus Driver #33 Blue Bird