Curriculum Office

Equipped with superior academic, career, and life management skills, each Hamilton graduate has the knowledge and motivation to thrive. 

In partnership with the community, we educate each learner to maximize personal potential. Through individualized instruction, students explore their interests, link their learning to the real world, and build the academic, social, and career skills necessary for life-long learning and success.

At HCS, we truly value the whole child and will continue to increase experiential learning opportunities around academic content, social emotional well-being, and the arts.

If you have any questions about our academics, curriculum / intervention processes, assessments, or experiential learning, our team is here to help.  Please reach out to our Director of Teaching and Learning with any questions you may have.


  1. Further develop a dynamic teaching and learning environment where students and teachers, in school and throughout the community, facilitate learning and share their knowledge with each other. 
  2. Individualize instruction for each student based on each student’s unique needs and interests. 
  3. Develop a robust social-emotional support system for teachers, parents, and students by expanding teacher and parent prevention and intervention skills as well as student coping skills. 
  4. All Hamilton students graduate and they graduate with the academic skills necessary for life-long success. 
  5. All Hamilton students graduate with the career and life skills necessary to be informed consumers, skillful & productive workers and active citizens. 
  6. Develop and implement business partnerships offering HCS students opportunities for real-world career exploration and skill building. 
  7. Assess community support systems and community learning interests and needs; develop and implement a plan to connect these resources throughout the school and community for the benefit of all learners.

Work Based Learning website 
Work Based Learning gives students an opportunity to bring relevance to learning, explore career possibilities, and make informed decisions about their future career.

As part of the District Plan, all Hamilton students will graduate with career and life skills necessary to be informed consumers, skillful and productive workers, and active citizens.

Work Based Learning will develop and implement business partnerships offering Hamilton Community Schools students opportunities for real-world career explanation and skill building.

After approval from the Board of Education, 2027 Hamilton Community Schools graduates will be based on high school class credit and experiences. From fifth grade through senior year, all students will be exposed to Work Based Learning.


Mat Rehkopf, Director of Teaching and Learning, (269) 751-5148

Elizabeth Brandonisio, MTSS Coordinator, (269) 751-5148

Christine MartinSandyview Elementary Principal / Curriculum Specialist, (269) 751-5148

Ashley Meyer, Experiential Learning Coordinator, (269) 751-5148 (pictured on left)

Heather West, ELL Coordinator (269) 751-5148