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Registration for all full time students is open now.  The schools of choice window is open May 9-June 9.  Registration for new part time student is in process by invite from order on the waitlist    If interested, please complete this form to be added to the waitlist.

At Hamilton Flex Virtual School, we are proud of the work that we do with each and every learner we have the opportunity to serve.  We continue to grow our educational options so learning is personalized for each student and each student thrives.  Hamilton Flex Virtual School has a 100% graduation rate and offers a complete online education for grades K-12.  For a general overview please click on this link to watch an informational video.

Hamilton Virtual School provides a personal experience with exceptional results by offering a complete online curriculum.  Full time students take math, science, English, social studies, and electives each year and meet all graduation requirements for high school.  Full time students receive a diploma and may walk in the graduation ceremony.

HVS learners must have a committed learning coach at home to oversee their online education.  Certified teachers in all grade levels and subject areas are available for grading and assistance.  Each learner also has a mentor teacher to assist with classes and to ensure adequate progress.  Tutoring and lab time is available at the Hamilton Flex Virtual lab.  Students may be dropped off to work on online classes in the lab and are encouraged to come on campus if they need help or are falling behind at home.

Click here to check out the 2022-23 Learning Options to see if Hamilton Virtual School is right for you!

Grades 9-12:  Full time virtual school students will meet with a counselor to determine schedule and may have up to 4 elective classes.   Part time students may select up to 3 elective classes plus one day on campus or Experiencing Arts and Tech.  The 9-12 classes can be a mix of online, online project based learning, dual enrollment, or classes on campus. Part time High School students taking CTE (Career Technical Education Classes) are eligible for 1 elective class.  If you attend one of our traditional schools, please contact your counselor to add a HFVS class to your schedule.  If taking dual enrollment, students may have 4 classes.  Students may only choose one PBL class per subject area.

Grades K-8:  Full time virtual school students will meet with a counselor to determine schedule and may have up to 4 elective classes.  Part time students may select up to 2 elective classes plus one day on campus or Experiencing Arts and Tech.  The K-8 classes can be a mix of online, days on campus, or online project based learning.  If you attend one of our traditional schools, please contact your building principal to add a HVS class to your schedule.  Students may only choose 1 PBL class per subject area.

Hamilton Flex Virtual School offers many classes for grades K-12.  All classes are taught by certified teachers.  While classes may be taken completely online, many students enjoy the camaraderie and additional experiences provided by the optional classes held on campus at Hamilton Middle School, Hamilton Flex Blended Learning program building and Hamilton High School.

This program helps individualize learning for traditional full time students, full time online students, shared time students at local private schools, and shared time students living in the Ottawa Area ISD (Intermediate School District,) or the following contiguous ISDs: Kent County ISD, Allegan Area Educational Service Agency, or Muskegon Area ISD

For more information contact Mary Wilkinson mwilkins@hamiltonschools.us or call the admin office at 269-751-5148.

Non-essential courses, sometimes called “electives” are available to all students, whether they are a full time virtual student, a homeschooler, a traditional public Hamilton Community Schools (HCS) student, or a non-public student accessing our programming through a shared-time arrangement with their nonpublic school.  Courses such as Music, PE, and Art are just some of the opportunities that all students enrolled at HCS may take online.  If taking an online class at one of our district's schools, supervision will be provided during the normal school day. 

Follow the links below for a complete list of available classes for all Hamilton traditional students, Hamilton Flex students, and 21f part time students.  All classes offered through Hamilton Flex are online.  Some online classes offer a hands on application or in person application to supplement the online class.  To learn more, click on the online learning opportunities link below.  

Online Learning Opportunities 

Dual Enrollment and CTE

On campus opportunities with online class & Drop in labs for full time students

June 10:  Last Day of School and online classes

August 24, 2022:  First day of School!  All online classes start
Sept 2-5:  No school or labs
Sept 16 : No school or labs
Oct 20-21: No school or labs
Nov 23-25:  No school or labs
Dec 19 - Jan 2:  Holiday Break
Jan 20: Last Day of 1st semester
Jan 23:  2nd Semester begins
Feb 13-14: No school or labs
March 10: No labs
March 31-April 7: Spring Break
June 9:  Last Day of School

See 2022-23 school calendar ( There are no on campus classes on half days

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District Events Calendar

  • 1 Oct 2022
    • Choir National Anthem @ Victory Day
      Date: Oct 1
      Time: 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM
      Location: 4845 136th Ave. Hamilton, MI 49419
      Calendar: Events Calendar (Non-Athletics)
  • 4 Oct 2022
    • PTO Meeting 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM
      PTO Meeting
      Date: Oct 4
      Time: 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM
      Location: 3472 Lincoln Road Hamilton, Mi 49419
      Calendar: Events Calendar (Non-Athletics)