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Hamilton COVID-19 Prepardness and Response Plan

Advancement Committee Request Form

Bi-Monthly Payroll Calendar
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Supervisor's Report of Accident.pdf
Authorization to treat - WC
Employee's Report of Injury
Class Load Overage - Elementary
Class Load Overage - Middle School
Class Load Overage - High School
Class Load Overage - SPED
Conference Request Travel Expense Form
HSA Increase Form
Internal Transfer/JE Request
Reimbursement Form (Supplies/Mileage 2019)
Reimbursement Form (Supplies/Mileage 2020)
Requisition Request
Staff Calender 2020-2021
Staff Device Loan Agreement
Tuition Reimbursement
Sick Bank Donation (Teachers)
Leave Day Request/PD Request Form
Advancement Point Summary Sheet
Leave Day Request Definitions
Vehicle Request Form
K-4 Instructional Minutes

HSA One-Time Payroll Deduction 


District Implementation Team (DIT) Resources

Professional Learning Evaluation

Overview of the Pilot/Selection Process

School Update from SLT to DIT

Link to Pilot Request Form 

Link to Request Meeting with Mat and Elizabeth to complete Selection Form 

Hamilton High School Flow Chart

Hamilton Middle School Flow Chart 

Bentheim Elementary Flow Chart

Blue Star Elementary Flow Chart

Hamilton Elementary Flow Chart

Sandyview Elementary Flow Chart


District Provided PD Logs

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