District Communications

Hamilton Community Schools is committed to providing each individual student with the tools they need to thrive; now and tomorrow. To achieve this, we must consider a multi-tiered approach to education, including a student-centered and individualized pathway to success following the 'Each Will Thrive' motto of the district. Hamilton Community Schools remains committed to communicating with its stakeholders across the community in several different ways to ensure transparency and understanding.

The Hamilton Community Schools Communications Department has received state-wide and even national recognition for stakeholder communication:

  • 2023 National School Public Relations Association (NSPRA): External Newsletter Honorable Mention (Transcript Newsletters)
  • 2023 Michigan School Public Relations Association (MSPRA): Award of Excellence (Website Stories & Navigation)
  • 2023 Michigan School Public Relations Association (MSPRA): Award of Merit (Transcript Newsletters)


Hamilton Community Schools utilizes a bi-monthly district newsletter that is sent to all households in the district. If you are currently not receiving the Hamilton Transcript and would like to be added to the mailing list OR if you live outside of our district and are currently receiving the Transcript mailer by mistake, please email District Communications Coordinator, Zach Harig: zharig@hamiltonschools.us

Digital copies can be found below:

April-May 2024 Transcript

February-March 2024 Transcript

December 2023-January 2024 Transcript

October-November 2023 Transcript

August-September 2023 Transcript

June-July 2023 Transcript

April-May 2023 Transcript

February-March 2023 Transcript


October-November 2022 Transcript

August-September 2022 Transcript


Hamilton Community Schools has several platforms to communicate with its stakeholders, including:


The district website is the home to several different resources for parents, students, staff, and community members. On the homepage, stakeholders will find articles from across the district, highlighting the positive happenings in our buildings, but also communicating any important happenings for both today and tomorrow.

Social Media Platforms

Hamilton Community Schools will continue to use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to provide real-time district and school news to the community. These social media platforms serve as a tool to relay information of school closures, emergencies, positive happenings, and events. These pages aim to engage the community and all stakeholders about local, state, and national education while also posting achievements from our students, staff, and community.


School Newsletters

Every building in our district is responsible for putting out a school newsletter at least every month to help communicate building-specific happenings. Moreover, these newsletters will help prioritize the important events that students and parents need to be aware of. These will also help parents stay knowledgeable and up-to-date on all occurrences inside of their child's specific building.


Email is one of the most utilized method of communication for Hamilton Community Schools. Our district principals, secretaries, administrators, and/or directors may utilize district-wide emails in case of emergency, school closures, or any other occurrence deemed necessary.

Phone Calls

District-wide phone calls will notify parents immediately in certain instances when deemed necessary, especially in case of emergency or school closure.

Transcript Newsletters

The bi-monthly publication of Hamilton Community Schools 'Transcript' helps spotlight important student, staff, and community accomplishments and goals while also focusing on the district's strategic plan. The Transcript is mailed to every home inside of the Hamilton school district and can also be found on our district website.

Board of Education Meetings

The public is invited to take part in the Hamilton Community Schools Board of Education meetings on the first Monday of every month. These meetings can be found on the district website and the public is welcomed to attend.

'Scoop with the Supt.' Community Forums

Hamilton Community Schools superintendent, Dr. Bradford Lusk invites the public to join him for 'Scoop with the Supt' at the Hawks Nest in Hamilton twice per month. These dates can be found on the district website under 'Administration Office' and will also be posted on the district social media 24-48 hours in advance.

Staff Shoutout Form!

Has a Hamilton teacher or staff member gone above and beyond for your student or family? Does your student come home every day talking about their teacher in positive ways? We want to hear about it! Fill out the form below to nominate staff members for a social media shoutout!

Note: You may fill out the form and keep you and your child's name anonymous by filling out the bottom multiple choice option.

2024 Senior Spotlight Form!

Hamilton High School SENIORS ONLY can choose to be spotlighted on the Hamilton Community Schools social media channels by filling out the following questions!

Please note: answers will be used on district social media and may be used in Transcript newsletters, website articles, and other district platforms. By submitting a response, you are opting in to being featured on any or all platforms.

Hamilton High School Alumni Spotlight Form!

Hamilton High School ALUMNI ONLY can choose to be spotlighted on the Hamilton Community Schools social media channels by filling out the following questions!

Please note: answers will be used on district social media and may be used in Transcript newsletters, website articles, and other district platforms. By submitting a response, you are opting in to being featured on any or all platforms.

Hamilton Community Schools has developed a communication plan in order to assure: 

  • Transparency to all stakeholders from the administration office, to the classroom, and everywhere in between.
  • Two-way communication with all Hamilton Community Schools stakeholders.
  • To spread an understanding of where communication will come from and when throughout the district.
  • To help knowledge and understanding about the happenings within the district.

It is the vision of Hamilton Community Schools and Superintendent Dr. Bradford Lusk to effectively communicate with all stakeholders and create an environment of transparency, collaboration, and sense of community. Through efficient and productive communications with all stakeholders, the district will be known for providing a quality education for all students. The district will actively pursue two-way communications by listening to its staff and community to continuously improve and evaluate communications efforts. By implementing a Communications Plan, we will also help our employees be knowledgeable ambassadors for the district, as they communicate key messages to the community.

District News

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Zach Harig
District Communications & Marketing Coordinator