Ever since graduating from Hamilton High School in 2005, Kevin Annis knew he wanted to return. In fact, he didn't really need to return to the area to take a vacant science teaching job over the summer.

"I have actually stayed living in the Hamilton area since we graduated," Annis added. "I have two students who go to Bentheim Elementary, our family is in the area, so the opportunity to come to teach in our community and where our kids go, it's a great opportunity."

Over the past 18-plus years since graduation, there have been changes in Hamilton such as his former teachers retiring. However, Annis says it hasn't been difficult to get settled in.

"I always knew it was an amazing place to be as a student, but it's also an amazing place to teach," he added.

After college graduation, Annis went right to work teaching around West Michigan. As he did that, he always kept an eye on job vacancies at HCS hoping to return.

"It's always been a dream to come back to Hamilton but it's been a bit of a journey to get back here. It's been great getting know the kids, the staff, and to be a part of it has been terrific."