Britney Fogerty graduated from Hamilton High School in 2018. After deciding not to pursue college, Fogerty opted to apply at her alma mater was immediately hired as a Positive Behavior Support paraprofessional.

Now in her fourth school year as a staff member, she couldn't be happier.

"I took this job because I absolutely love the students and staff at Hamilton, they're so fun and flexible, you can't get better than that," she smiled.

As a Positive Behavior Support paraprofessional, no two days are alike but it all involves one common theme: the Hamilton students.

"Being a PBS para isn't just about academics, you get to come to work every day and help kids," Mrs. Fogerty added. "Whether it's helping them play outside, finding friends at lunch, helping with behavior interventions or taking them for a break from class, it's all building relationships with kids."

It's a full circle moment for Fogerty, who helps both Bentheim and Sandyview Elementary, to remain in her hometown and be a mentor.

"I've now gotten to see Hamilton Community Schools as a student and now I get to be a staff and work with the kids. The district is fully committed to helping kids academically but also socially and emotionally."

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