2018 Hamilton High School graduate Amanda Couturier is following right in her father's footsteps.

Ken Couturier, who served in the United States Air Force for 23 years and retired in 2008, is now a custodian and bus driver for Hamilton Community Schools.

"He was my role model," Couturier said about her father, Ken. "Our whole family has followed him, his selfless service and the way he gives back to his community and country. He has helped develop our core values."

When Amanda says the family has followed her father, she means it. All four of the family children have gone into the military and she is no different. After high school graduation, Amanda enrolled at Western Michigan University where she received a four-year scholarship for the ROTC program.

"Once I graduated college, I commissioned into the Army as second lieutenant, I immediately transitioned into the reserves and have a unit back in Walker, Michigan and I'm soon to promote to first lieutenant in the coming months," Amanda added.

While she awaits deployment, Amanda is enjoying her time as a substitute teacher at her alma mater.

"It's amazing, it's an amazing experience, the community is just great and everyone welcomed me right away. The secretaries are on point, the students are amazing, I do a lot at the high school and middle school and I really enjoy it."