Hamilton Middle School is filled with students leading by example. 7th grader Taylor Vander Zwaag would fit the description of 'leader' in her classes and hallways at HMS.

Vander Zwaag serves as one of the Unified student peers in Mrs. Allison Lesh's ASD classroom. This year, she is helping the ASD students with different tasks but more importantly, she is showing her classmates what it means to be a great friend and accept everyone.

"I actually have a cousin who is Autistic and I love to help out with him," Vander Zwaag explained. "Ashlyn is always in such a happy mood, so it's so much fun and easy to work with her."

Mrs. Sale and Mrs. Lesh's students at Hamilton Middle School aren't only accepted, they are involved in every day activities around the school. Classes such as Mrs. Lesh's that include student peers are a prime example of building that community.

"I think it's very important that we include them and it's a great thing that Hamilton Middle School does," Kayla said. "These students can't always do everything so it's nice when they're able to try things and do them over and over. When they can't do things, we're always there to help them through it and support them."

Way to Be The Good, Kayla! Keep up the great work!