Over the past year, Noppawan "Por" Jearapongpakorn has been excited to enter the Foreign Exchange program and come to the United States. However, just months before leaving her hometown of Bangkok, Thailand, some doubt crept in.

"Last year I decided to join the program and I was excited but as time changes, people do too," Por explained. "My mind changed like 'I don't want to come here anymore.'"

A big reason why she wanted to stay in Thailand was because of an academic competition that she was chosen for. However, she had to follow through with her commitment.

"When I arrived here this year, I can say it was a good decision," she smiled. "Hamilton High School is one of the best schools, I can tell you that you need to study here and people are so nice. Teachers, counselors, or anyone that walks passed you, they're very nice to talk to you and are very open and respectful."

The Hamilton High School junior is enrolled in high academic courses, including AP Chemistry, Calculus, and others. It's a big change from a city of over 10-million people to a small town of under 4,000, but she is loving every minute of it.

"One thing that makes me feel at home in Hamilton is my host family and all of you guys. You're all family to me and are very respectful to me. Although I'm Asian, you're all respectful and really accept me, I love Hamilton High School," said Por.

Por is one of six Foreign Exchange Students at Hamilton High School in the 2022-23 school year! Welcome to Hamilton, Por!