Hamilton Middle School student Nathan Eding still remembers the day he opened up his 3D printer on Christmas day a few years back. Since then, Eding has gotten better and better at designing and creating useful things, specifically for his teachers and other friends around him.

Recently, he discovered a need for improved class graphing calculator battery covers in his 8th grade math class with Mr. Duane Bosma.

"We have graphing calculators that are getting a little bit older," explained Bosma, "The battery cover has a clip on it that wasn't clipping, so they would fall off and some even got lost or broken."

Nathan approached Mr. Bosma and asked if he could take a shot at creating some covers to ensure the batteries could remain in the calculators to help their functionality.

However, the previous battery covers were transparent and allowed for Bosma to see if the calculators had batteries in them or not. Unfortunately, Eding only had access to black and white plastic.

"I don't leave the batteries in for the entire year to be resourceful," Bosma added. "Nathan, the amazing engineer that he is, said let's create some holes in the battery cover to see through."

Eding admits not everything went perfectly for him as he did have a failed print. However, the 25 classroom calculators are now fully functional and in use almost every day in class thanks to one eighth graders creativity.

"He's been an amazing asset to helping our class out a bit," Bosma chuckled.

But it doesn't stop there, Eding also helped Bosma with directional signage on the disc golf course outside of Hamilton Middle School.

"The disc golf course also needed signs that show people where the next hole is and where to go, so I created some signs that say 'Next Tee'," Eding said. "I think it's a very cool opportunity to be able to help my classmates and the school out."