Eighth grade students had fun exploring Careerline Tech Center's Agriculture & Animal Science program on Thursday, May 18. The students learned about animals, plants, natural resources, bees, and jobs in the career field from instructors and students in the class.

"This has been really fun because we got to come out here and learn what the program is like," said eighth grader Maya Miller.

Instructor Tony McCaul says it's a win-win for both his program and Hamilton Middle School students, who could enroll as soon as their junior year of high school.

"Today, we had ten different stations and the students could learn about everything. With the animals, you could learn about the pigs, cows, rabbits, sheep, and chickens. With the plants, the students could learn about the soil, bees, natural resources like air and water quality," McCaul explained.

It's one of the many Work Based Learning experiences the eighth graders have had throughout their time at Hamilton Middle School.

"This is very beneficial to get a chance to try something out and figure out if you do or don't like it," Maya Miller added, "I don't know what I want to do for a career yet, so this is helpful."