Jana Zweering has fond memories of Kyra Kleinheksel as a kindergartner in her classroom in 2011. Fast forward 12 years, and Mrs. Zweering is getting a chance to teach Kyra yet again, only this time as a teacher's assistant.

"I now get to work with Kyra again as a senior," Zweering added, "It has been really fun to see this come full circle, I'm so proud of Kyra and young woman she has become."

Kleinheksel, who plans to attend Hope College in the fall, is still undecided on her major, which she has narrowed down between education or accounting. This experience as a teacher's assistant is helping her determine that choice.

"This prepares me because I get to be around students and help them each day, and just be a part of their lives. I've always had a love for teaching and having Jana as my supervisor has been absolutely amazing," Kyra smiled.

Every day of the school year, Kleinheksel joins the class for the final three hours of the day. The students clearly adore 'Miss Kyra', both inside and outside of the classroom.

"We've followed her through all of her sports this year, including basketball," said Zweering, "It was really fun at the ABC Community night, the students got to sit by me and watch Kyra and were super geeked to get her playing cards and a poster of the team, that was extra special."

Miss Kyra is one of six Hamilton High School seniors working as a teacher's assistant inside of Hamilton Community School buildings this year.