Tuesday, May 16 was the culmination of a lengthy project for the fourth grade students at Bentheim Elementary. For weeks, the students have been preparing for Market Day, where they display products they wanted to sell to teachers, classmates, family, and community members.

The students not only had to brainstorm what to sell, but how much it would cost to make, how much to list the product at to make a profit, and how to market it as well.

"The point of the day is to understand the economic concepts that we've worked on in the year," said fourth grade teacher, Brian Lancaster. "They had to think of, how much will this cost me and what will my profit be?"

Students sold everything from ice cream and homemade cupcakes, to homemade crayon pencils and bracelets.

"We also introduced that all student money had to be borrowed from us with interest so that they understood having to borrow from a bank and pay interest. It really culminates a whole unit of economics terms and bringing it to a real and logistic lesson," Lancaster added.