Hamilton Middle School teacher Bill Mousel certainly knows how to capture his student's attention, even at the toughest times. In the beginning of the school year, when most teachers and students are still getting acclimated, Mr. Mousel is already getting his Hamilton Middle Schoolers focused.

On August 24 and 25, Mousel hosted his annual 'Jumanji Math' challenge for his students. Jumanji Math is, of course, based off of the game Jumanji and provides a fun and engaging way for his students to settle back in to the new school year while work on math and problem solving skills.

"We're starting our math year off with this because I want these kids to come in solving problems and feeling successful," Mousel explained. "I want them to think of math more than just calculating numbers that we'll never use again, I want them to have a great experience at the beginning of the year."

The students were put into random groups and competed against one another, including at a challenge table.

"The groups have to escape the game of Jumanji by getting through the challenges first," he added. "I think this is a great starter, I hate to say everybody is on it but we have a huge majority of kids that are really motivated by this."

Next time you see some fog coming from Hamilton Middle School, rest assured it is likely just Mr. Mousel or another great teacher motivating their students with something unique like this. Mousel says he's just thankful nobody pulled the fire alarm on him this year (like they did in 2022!). Take a look below!