Hamilton High School and Middle School bands did a fantastic job at Band Festival on Friday! In fact, both bands impressively walked away with Division 1 ratings!

This was the first time going to Band Festival for all of the 7th and 8th grade band members.

"Getting a 1st division your first time going can be very difficult, so I am super proud of the fact that they were able to achieve this top overall rating," said band teacher and director, Joe Herrick.

As for the Hamilton High School band, it was another impressive performance and one that Herrick says he will remember for a while.

"This may have been the strongest Festival performance by a Hamilton band that I've ever been a part of," he added. "The band received all A's on every score sheet from the judges. One judge even gave them A pluses and an A plus-plus, even though such things don't technically exist! They played an incredibly moving musical performance and I could not be more proud of them."

Way to go, Hamilton Bands! What an awesome achievement!