It's School Psychologist week, so we are celebrating our four school psychologists that continue to have a big impact on our district, including students, staff, and families as a whole.

School psychologists are a unique member of school teams that work with students, families, and staff to promote positive behavior and mental health, gather and utilize data, and support diverse learners. We apply background training in mental health, learning, and behavior to help students experience success academically, socially, behaviorally, and emotionally. 

One of the big roles of a school psychologist is completing evaluations to help students access additional support through special education. An evaluation involves gathering information from teachers, parents, and others involved in the child’s education, observing in multiple settings, and completing testing to help us determine what the student can and cannot do and how we, as a school team, can help them grow. 

In Hamilton, we have four school psychologists working with students age three all the way through graduation and in a variety of settings. Our psychologists work to complete timely evaluations, write user friendly reports, and communicate results with staff and families. However, they also work alongside teachers and parents to ensure that students, even those not referred for special education, are experiencing success, are excited to come to school, and are receiving all the supports and strategies they need to make progress. Also, our School psychologists are often part of school teams that are working to put school wide systems in place to ensure all Hamilton students can thrive.