After moving to Laketown Township in 2011, Dan Mast recalls the conversation with his wife Lisa about where their children would be attending school.

"We were right on the edge of three districts, and found out we were in Hamilton's district," he chuckled, "I immediately thought, 'Oh great,'" he recalled.

Dan, a graduate of a private Christian school and Lisa, a graduate of public school education, came together and agreed to give Hamilton a chance.

"We went back and forth on if we were going to send the kids to Hamilton, his family values Christian education and I also value the small community aspect," Lisa explained.

As they say, the rest is history. Over the next few years, their four students began coming home with Hamilton gear and getting involved in sports and other extra-curricular activities.

"We quickly found out that Hamilton isn't as cliquey as a lot of newer people may think, you just need to put yourself out there and get involved," Lisa said. "Get to know people here, because we can tell you that the people in this community genuinely care about each other."

Now 13 years removed from their decision to send their chidren to Hamilton and their son Gabe getting set to graduate on May 23, it's all setting in.

"To be a part of this community has been a blessing to us as a family, I wouldn't feel home anywhere else in West Michigan than right here in Hamilton," Dan added.

Both Dan and Lisa are heavily involved in the Hamilton athletics boosters and have given back countless hours and resources to the community. In fact, Lisa was a part-time staff member at Blue Star Elementary and assisted in several ways around the building.

"As someone who has worked in the district and seen inside the classrooms, the teachers genuinely care about their students after they leave their classroom, it's not just a job for them, it's their whole heart."

From 6th to 12th grade, the Masts say the conversations around their dinner table with their four students are endless with all that they're involved in.

"Our kids love school and love being a part of their community, and we're all looking forward to their futures with everything Hamilton has done to prepare them for that. To me, there's no better choice in this area for the vast curriculum, programming, athletics, a community that cares; there's no better place than Hamilton," Dan added.