Since 2000, Deb Jager has been an important piece to the Hamilton Community Schools food service department. For a number of years, Jager drove the food trucks around to district buildings to deliver food. However, in 2016, Jager found a home at Bentheim Elementary where three of her students attended. Since then, she has been a smiling face and positive presence for all students, addressing them each by name and asking about their day or any happenings.

"I started when my kids were in school, I really enjoy this job and working here at Bentheim," Jager smiled.

Jager says she thoroughly enjoys working with her coworkers Lisa Brown and Missy Ulberg every day in the kitchen and cafeteria.

"I've stayed in the department for so long because I like who I work with, everyone is so nice and caring and we have a great time," she added.