5th grade 'Dig In Day' has quickly become one of the best days of the school year according to most students.

Once again this year, several area construction and trades companies came together to run stations and teach the 5th grade students about their profession.

Casey Veersma and Town and Country Group in Zeeland has been involved in Dig In Day for three years now.

"What is so inspiring about what Hamilton Community Schools is doing is they're creating an enviornment where students can be exposed to the skilled trades and alternate career paths at a young age," Veersma said.

The students learned about plumbing, HVAC, electrical, estimating, marketing, home building and remodeling, and so much more.

"Today is very important because we get to learn different things that we would maybe like to try some day," said 5th grader Kirsten Breuker. 

Professionals from Ritsema Associates, DHE Plumbing & Mechanical, GMB, O-A-K, Godwin Plumbing, Town & Country Group, EV Construction, Baumann and DeGroot, and Hoekstra Roofing all attended the day and also gave the students advice about the future.

"You're learning all of these different avenues today, soon you'll be done with high school, it's not that far away," said Chuck Heidema of DHE Plumbing & Mechanical while addressing some fifth graders. "When you get done with high school, you'll have to decide what you do and have to find a career. Look around at all of this, what makes you excited? What do you dream about? Do something you love and have a passion for it," he added.

Hamilton Community Schools is committed to preparing our students for life and what's ahead of them! Check out the video below for a recap of the day!