Above is a photo of HCS superintendent, Dr. Brad Lusk who agreed to go back to his glory days and take part in Hamilton wrestling practice on Tuesday, December 19. Lusk did everything from the warmup jogs, burpees, push-ups, etc. all the way to wrestling and grappling with the team.

"Well, it has been 16 years since I put these wrestling shoes on. Sometimes, you still think you are what you were but I realized a couple minutes into this today that I am not," he chuckled.

Very few people know that Dr. Lusk was an all-state wrestler at Hartland High School before a few months as a collegiate walk-on at The University of Michigan. However, after taking nearly two decades off, much changed.

"We're 25 or so minutes into practice, I get three timeouts and I'm calling the first one but things are good, the boys have been great and been great sports so far," he added.

Lusk has been a special guest in theatre performances, practiced with the tennis team, has emceed Hamilton's Got Talent and senior banquets, but this might be the most humbling experience yet.

"Why am I doing this? Great question," he laughed. "It's all about connecting with the kids, putting yourself out there a little bit, showing some vulnerability and at the end of the day, just having fun."