Meet 6th grader Esteban from Venezeula! Yesterday, when the first snowflakes flew, his teacher Mrs. Katie Lillmars took him outside to see snow for the first time!

On Tuesday afternoon, Esteban told Mrs. Lillmars that he really wanted to go sledding. On Wednesday, November 1, Mrs. Lillmars met him at the door and told him that her class was taking him sledding. The class borrowed a sled from STREAM teacher Mr. Steve Hickok and taught Esteban about the snow and sledding!

"Since his arrival a few weeks ago, my class has shown so much compassion, kindness, and eagerness to learn his language and help him feel comfortable here in Hamilton," said Lillmars.

Way to go, Hawkeyes!

The story also made it to the news! Check out this story from FOX 17 and this story from WZZM 13!