Work Based Learning visits to local businesses are always exciting for our Hamilton students. However, on Thursday, October 19, some 7th grade students were given the unique opportunity to tour Tiara Yachts in Holland and see inside one of the most famous yacht companies in the world.

"We're learning about manufacturing, how things are made, and getting our students to think about the future and certain job opportunities," said Hamilton Middle School teacher, Nick Kronemeyer. "We're also learning what goes into those jobs and the skills and trades required."

During the tour, students saw the progression of building a yacht, all the way from the shipments of high-quality wood, to the electronics and GPS systems involved, and the indoor pools used to ensure the boat is ready for the open water.

"I had a lot of fun at Tiara Yachts," said 7th grade student, Tesher Farris. "We learned a lot about how they're built and what goes into a boat and I never really knew a lot about them. It was really fun learning how to make it and all of the time that goes into them."

Each 7th grade group visited three companies: Fogg Filler, Tiara Yachts, BuhlerPrince, Metal Flow Corporation, Nelson Steel Products Inc., Mission Design & Automation, and Koops Automation Systems.

"We love our partnership with local companies allowing our students to continue their career pathway exploration," said HCS Work Based Learning coordinator, Ashley Meyer. "Students learned about high wage, high demand careers, and got to see first hand how things are made."

During their one hour visit, Tiara not only showed the students their assembly stations, but also discussed the various careers available through their company and what it takes to make a successful employee.

"As we walked through with the students, it was awesome for them to see these big boats are like houses and how many different things that go into it," Kronemeyer added. "From satellites, carpentry, GPS systems, making sure the boat floats, and all of the different traits that are required. I think this experience was particularly cool for our students."

Thank you to all of our Work Based Learning partners for working with HCS to provide these outstanding opportunities!