New school years are always filled with fun surprises, smiles, laughs, and some nerves for our teachers and staff. On Tuesday, August 22, as all elementary teachers in the district were arriving at Blue Star Elementary for a meeting, they were greeted by a big surprise.

Several Hamilton cheerleaders and members of the Blue Star PTO were out front with pom-poms and signs showing their love and support for each and every one of them as they walked in.

"We thought it would be a great opportunity for us to be into the community because that is one of our goals for this season," said senior cheerleader, Jennifer Lambers.

The teachers passed through the tunnel of cheerleaders with big smiles, laughs, and even hugs for some of their former students.

"This bonds us together, because in high school we get used to our high school teachers and forget about our elementary teachers and new teachers," Lambers added. "This is good to bond us together and build our community."