Hamilton Community Schools is furthering its commitment to its students and staff in the 2022-23 school year. Over the summer, the maintenance team has been hard at work to install climate control and air quality to every classroom in the Hamilton district. The upgrades will improve HVAC and will pump refrigerant into each room, when necessary in the early and late months of the school year.

Last summer, Hamilton Elementary and Blue Star Elementary joined Hamilton High School as the three schools in the district with the controlled climates. Hamilton Elementary media clerk Stacy Smith says she felt more energy and happiness this past school year in the cooler library, and that her students felt the same way.

“By having climate control and them investing in us, I feel very loved and appreciated by our administration and district,” said Hamilton Elementary media clerk, Stacy Smith. “I saw a big change in the students' smiles when they entered the library.”

By the start of the school year, Sandyview Elementary, Bentheim Elementary, and Hamilton Middle School will all be completed to ensure the comfortability of the learning environments within the district.

“We’re extremely excited to get this project completed by the end of the summer, so that our air quality and climate will have improvements for the students and staff of Hamilton Schools,” said maintenance and grounds supervisor, Keith Folkert.

The funds for the project come as a result of fiscal conservation within the district and were a result of approval by the Hamilton Community Schools Board of Education.