Growing up, Malory (Stoel) Postma saw the passion and care in her parents' (Brenda and Gregg Stoel) eyes as they sat around the dinner table sharing stories about their day as teachers. Not only did they teach, they taught for Hamilton Community Schools, where Postma went to school and graduated from in 2010.

"They loved their jobs, and I could see they had a passion for their careers their whole lives and that's what I wanted my life to look like," Postma explained.

Postma taught in North Carolina for five years before a job opened up at Hamilton Middle School and her and her husband agreed to take a chance.

"I applied and I'm so excited to be back home and I plan on being here for a long time," she added.

Now as a sixth grade math and social studies teacher, Postma works hard to instill her passion and energy into her students, just like her parents did years ago. 

"I just learned from my parents to really hone into the youth and that kids are the future," Postma added. "Kids can do great things when given the opportunity."

Learning from her mother's kindergarten teaching background and her father being a high school teacher and coach has helped turn Postma into the outstanding educator that she is today.

"I just want to do my parents and former teachers proud and help raise up more kids who love to learn and who are going to make a big difference in this world."