Put away the phones and technology and start having conversations and making connections with classmates. It's a simple idea but one that remains a big focus at Hamilton High School. On Wednesday, March 27, HHS prepared to have its first 'Connected Lunch' in several years, stressing the importance of being present without technology.

To add to the day and fun, HHS principal Mitch Bosch and School Resource Officer Deputy Joe Knapp set up to make burritos for students and there was also free ice cream! In fact, Bosch and Knapp served 216 burritos throughout the two lunches, breaking a record previously held by former HHS principal Doug Braschler.

"A little less time on social media and cell phones, and have fun with some good lunch and ice cream to follow," Bosch explained. "The big idea behind it is to help students feel more connected with those around them."