Hamilton High School junior Alyssa Franck is a Life Scout working towards her Eagle Scout accolade. For her Eagle Scout project, Franck decided to make a difference inside of her school district and impact local students.

Franck went to Blue Star Elementary to help relieve the flooding near the sledding hill and on the playground. The concept is what's called a rain garden, which helps absorb water to filter the soil and improve the ecosystem and landscape.

The rain garden is also designed to attract butterflies through the use of specific native plants.

"I'm hoping to educate kids on how to treat and protect natural habitats," Franck said. "I want to see these kids succeed and want to contribute to society since they are our future. It's a goal of mine to protect natural ecosystems, so by educating them we are helping those ecosystems."

Franck also adds she would like to become an environmental engineer and this project has taught her what kind of impact she can make.

She would like to thank the following people for their help in her project:

- Phil Speet from 28 Specialties - donated the compost, sand, and the excavation labor.
- Kelly Goward from the Outdoor Discovery Center - donated time and labor, plants and mulch.
- Kristie Phillips from Troop 333.