On Thursday, January 19, 6th graders from Mr. Luhmann's class toured Holland BPW/Energy Park to learn about the driving question that they will be using the design thinking process to solve. Their driving question is "How can we attract more talent?". Students learned about traits people desire in careers, hard and soft skills, and about how energy is generated in the City of Holland and surrounding areas.

We look forward to seeing what Mr. Luhmann's students come up with!

On Wednesday, January 18, Mrs. Postma's 6th grade students visited Cento Anni to kick off their Work Based Learning Project. Students were introduced to the company, learned about the business, and had the opportunity to ask questions. Students were introduced to the driving question that they will be solving over the next few months, "How can we organize sheet goods and raw materials more efficiently for our team members?". Mrs. Postma's class will continue to work with Cento Anni and be using design thinking to come up with solutions for the problem.

Take a look at the photos below!